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Guj CM Vijaybhai Rupani inaugurated Mega Brahmin Summit 2 at Ahmedabad

    Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani today termed the shift in thinking of Brahmin community from knowledge imparting to stepping into commerce and business sectors as a new direction.
    The Chief Minister was speaking at inaugural function of ‘Mega Brahman Business Summit – 2’ held at the precinct of ‘Adalaj Trimandir’ near Gandhinagar.

    The Chief Minister categorically stated that the nation’s culture and heritage have been sustained by the Brahmin community with its penance, dedication, and faithfulness. Since ancient times, the Brahmin community has built the
    society with its knowledge and wisdom.

    Giving examples of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Swami Vivekananda, Mr. Rupani said that Brham Rishies had played a great role in constituting their characters.

    The Chief Minister also expressed confidence that using the summit as a platform, the youths of Brahmin community with their knowledge would become “Job Givers” from “Job Seekers”.


    Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Nitinbhai Patel said that it’s a welcome step that the Brahmin community has organized this event to provide an opportunity to its youths to take the competition in business and
    employment with head-on approach. It should be noted that the last year’s summit had generated employment for
    4,500 youths of the Brahmin community, Mr. Patel added.

    Similarly, Gujarat Assembly Speaker Mr. Rajendrabhai Trivedi also welcomed the initiative of event and stated that the organizers of the event deserve congratulations for this. The summit is aimed at to generate employment for 10,000 Brahmin youths. At the venue of Summit, 150 stalls have been built. On the occasion, as many
    as 572 people of Brahmin community were honoured.

    The event was also graced by Gujarat Women and Child Welfare Minister of State Mrs. Vibhawariben Dave, MLA – Mr. Jigneshbhai Sevak, Former Union Minister Mr. Harinbhai Pathak, and Ahmedabad City Mayor Mrs. Bijalben Patel, State Spoke-person Mr. Bharatbhai Pandya and chairpersons of various boards and nigams of the state government and others.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat