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Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani approves 7 TP Schemes for Ahmedabad, incuding 6 Draft and 1 Preliminary, as part of Atmanirbhar Bharat

    Rising to the call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Atmanirbhar Bharat to make India self-reliant, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has approved 7 (seven) new Town Planing (TP) Schemes necessary for planned development of urban infrastructure in the state to return to the pre-COVID-19 situation.
    These include six draft TP and one preliminary TP Scheme for Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, approved in the second week of Unlock 1.0, while eight TP Schemes were approved in the first week.
    This has been Chief Minister’s strategy to approve TP Schemes through transparent means for the last three years, added to Prime Minister’s latest call to build five pillars to make India self-reliant, a vishwa guru – namely economy, infrastructure, system, vibrant demography and demand.

    Despite the spectre of global pandemic novel coronavirus looming large, the Chief Minister has approved 25 TP Schemes, including 11 Draft TP Schemes, 11 Preliminary TP Schemes and 3 (three) Final TP Schemes during three months of 2020.

    The five Draft TP Scheme Nos. 383, 140/A, 140/B, 141 and 144 are of Kalana, and Draft TP Scheme No. 404 is of Sanathal and Preliminary TP Scheme No. 36 is for Chharodi. With the approval of six Draft TP Schemes of Ahmedabad-AUDA, particularly Kalana village extension for industrial development is a huge chunk of 600 hectare (ha).

    The Authority has received 215 plots for public use under six Draft TP Schemes under Ahmedabad-AUDA, 25.65 ha to be developed as housing for socially and economically weaker sections (SEWSH), 22.0 ha for park, open plot, playground, etc., 26.20 ha for social infrastructure, and 68.00 ha to be made available for sale.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat