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Gujarat CM Vijaybhai Rupani’s message to the people on the occasion of 72nd Independence Day on August 15, 2018

    • Let us adopt the mantra of ‘Live for the Nation’ in the memory of martyrs,
    • Good governance is way to all round development of 6.50-crore people,
    • Gujarat has set up new benchmarks during 22 years’ stable government,
    • Gujarat is committed to make Panchamrit as the path for development,
    • The Waste Water Recycle & Reuse Policy to make cities and towns Clean,
    • Solar energy, loan at zero per cent interest to make farmers prosperous,
    • Government’s Seva Setu has settled one crore problems of the people in three phases, phase-4 to begin on August 24


    Gujarat Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani in his greetings to the people on the occasion of 72nd Independence Day said that it was because of the sacrifices of many known and unknown martyrs that we attained our hard won freedom. They took us out of dependence to independence. They had adopted the mantra of ‘Die for the Nation’ and now we have to adopt the mantra of ‘Live for the Nation’. Now we are creating an impression of ‘sabka sath, sabka vikas’ (collective efforts, inclusive growth) with the politics of development for 125 crore countrymen. His message to the people of the state is as follows…

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    My Independence Day greetings to all of you!

    While the Nation is celebrating Independence Day, the sacrifices of many known and unknown martyrs for centuries, who got us hard won freedom, come naturally to us. This is an occasion to pay our obeisance to them who took us out of colonial rule to freedom.

    Our greatest pride is in the two topmost personalities of our freedom struggle – Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Saheb, being the illustrious sons of Gujarat. They devoted their life in the quest for Self- Rule. They struggled hard to put India as an independent nation in the world map in 1947.

    Brothers and sisters, a large section of our present generation has neither seen what is slavery and nor has any idea of tribulations of slavery. When we hear about those days of slavery we shiver with fear.

    We have now understood the value of the freedom.  The sacrifices, patriotism, dedication showed by the martyrs, who laid down their lives for getting the self-rule and freedom, are today even refreshing the memory of black days of slavery era of pre-independence. But, gradually virtues of dutifulness for the nation and society diminish which ultimately resulted into that we got the self-rule but the dream of good governance could not be realized.

    Friends, any democracy, any system, any public life cannot march upwardly without the feelings of dutifulness. Don’t we feel? That so far, something was amiss in converting our Saga of Sacrifice into Journey of Growth for which our freedom fighters and leaders had made great sacrifices and undertook struggles. That’s why it was being said that “Die for the Nation’ and “Live for the Nation.”

    Brothers and Sisters, as the struggle for the self-rule was led by two great sons of Gujarat – Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Saheb; similarly another son of Gurjarbhoomi, Prime Minister Mr. Narendrabhai Modi is leading our growth Yatra to transform self-rule into good-governance. Today, with political ideology of development, 125-crore people of the country are experiencing good governance through developmental mantra of “Sauno Sath, Sauno Vikas” (Collective Efforts, Inclusive Growth). In last 22-years through constant, consistent and steady ruling, with the blessing and support of the people, we have achieved new benchmarks of the development.

    This government never had a limited motive of sticking to the power and rule, but, it had constantly worked for the development and welfare for all. We have given equal development opportunities to the people of all strata that included downtrodden, deprived poor, farmers, rural, youths, women and girls and others.

    Gujarat has showed new path to the nation either it was Education – Health – Social Harmony – Peace and Safety, cooperation of people’s power, or water conservation.

    Today, on the 72nd Independence Day, we can proudly say that in the development of India, we have established the development of the Gujarat as a role model. Brothers and sisters, for all round development, Mr. Narendrabhai Modi has paved a developmental path that is based on fundamental energy of Panchamrut. Following his footmarks in Gujarat, we have given a new direction to the Panchshakti.

    Through Kanya Kelavani – Shala Praveshotsav, we are determined to have 100 per cent school admission and to bring down the dropout ratio to zero. We have also launched ‘Mission Gunotsav’ and ‘Mission Vidhya’ for enhancing the equality in the education. The major objective of these missions is to keep the children active in writing, calculating and reading.

    We have converted the primary classrooms into the virtual classrooms. We have converted the classrooms into the virtual classrooms through promotion of the Gyankunj Sankalp by providing Palmtop and Tablets. To avail the knowledge of world at the fingertips of the students, who have passed the examination of Std. 10-12 and taken admission in colleges for degree and diploma courses, we have distributed 3.50 lakh ‘Namo Tablet’.  We are making our youths confident enough to face the world with head-on and self-reliance.

    College campuses have been equipped with Wi-Fi facilities. The Chief Minister Apprentice Scheme has also been launched to provide employment opportunities to 100,000 youths by giving them ‘skill development training.’ As a result of this, in coming days the youths would learn skill and would be able to get jobs.

    In the freedom movement, the great son of Gujarat, Mahatma Gandhi had generated a mass public movement that had uprooted the roots of the British Empire.

    The unification of similar mass public power with the Jal Shakti has made Gujarat very strong. The people of Gujarat and its 18,000 villages have proved what is called the real strength of power of people by converting the Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyaan into a mass movement.

    Every citizen living in village, town, or city of the state has contributed his/her best in this campaign. Achieving the height of toiling efforts of people’s power, citizen had defied the scorching heat of hot summer to fulfill their pledge to deepen the lakes. They had deepened over 18,000 lakes, check-dams. Total employment of 800-lakh man-days was generated. Over 250,000 labourers had earned their livelihood.

    In the coming days, a radical revolution should be achieved through Jal Shakti. Our, this government is determined to provide total drinking water security to the state by 2050. To achieve water security and irrigation with less water in the farm sector, we have taken inspiration from Israel. Like Israel, we want to move ahead in the direction of water security in the farm sector with adoption of one-drop – more crop system.

    As the Chief Minister of the state, I had chosen Israel as my first foreign tour because it has made revolution in the agriculture sector. It has also made revolution in water management. It has set up desalination plants to transform salty seawater into sweet drinking water. We want to repeat the success of Israel’s experiments on to the land of Gujarat.

    We have to adopt Mr Narendra Modi’s micro irrigation mantra of ‘more crop per drop’. We have signed a MoU with Israel for experimenting precision farming technology of drip irrigation and micro plus system to get maximum yield from each plant and sapling in Gujarat.

    A plant is being set up at Jodia at a cost of Rs.900-crore for which the tender has been finalised and agency identified, while work is too start soon.

    This government has framed the Water Recycle and Reuse Policy for which efforts are on to treat the municipal corporations’ waste water for reuse for irrigation and industrial purposes.

    Gujarat has taken its agricultural growth rate to double digit with relentless toil of the tillers with judicious use of water. We have to implement the Prime Minister’s resolve to double the farmers’ income by 2022.

    This government is for the welfare of the farmers, offering farm loan at zero per cent at the same time saving them from the trap of unending interest. Since the price of groundnut, mustard and gram crops fell sharply, the government is buying these crops at support prices worth crores of rupees. Gujarat has set a record in this way. We have ensured transparency in fertiliser distribution, buying machine, digital payment and online sales linking farmers with farm produce markets. This government has resolved to make this state prosperous by providing adequate water, fertiliser and electricity to farmers.

    We are trying to usher in a revolution of sorts in energy sector as well, having realised that water and electricity are the keys to progress. If the farmers get adequate electricity and water they will have the power to remove hunger. This government has implemented 24×7 electricity supply under Jyoti Gram Yojna to change the face of rural economy.

    Gujarat is one state which is endowed with maximum sun rays. After setting up a huge solar park at Charanka, the world’s biggest solar park is being set up in Dholera. This government is encouraging its farmers to be self-reliant, generate solar power in their farmland for irrigation and sell the surplus electricity thus generated to electricity grid.

    The Suryashakti Kisan Yojna (SKY) is an attempt to help farmers generate electricity for their own use but also earn extra by selling the surplus electricity. It is being implemented as a pilot project through 137 feeders for the benefit of 15,000 farmers.

    We are completing 71 years of Independence today. The Mother India and Gurjar Land have successfully overcome several challenges during the last seven decades. Gujarat has shown how to convert crises into opportunities. The state has accorded top priority to peace, safety, harmony and social equanimity, ensuring protection of common man, poor, oppressed and persecuted. We have adopted the mantra of Safe Gujarat trying to deal with corruption, hooliganism, lawlessness and crime. We have adopted a policy of zero tolerance towards atrocities on women and children.

    We have launched the Rs.350crore project to spread a network of CCTV cameras to keep an eagle eye on criminals, linking their data with mobile phones of nearly 5,000 policemen on duty.

    The government is keen to make ACB stronger equipping the outfit with new online technological gadgets to fight corruption, and hopes to get success also. We have created a situation making it difficult for anyone to accept bribe.

    People’s voice is supreme in democracy and the government has resolved to solve the people’s problems at their doorstep, forming cluster of 5-7 villages as unit – be it 7/12 registration, Ma Amrutam – Vatsalya Card through Seva Setu, having solved one crore problems in three phases, the fourth phase is to start from August 24.

    We have initiated a unique work culture to keep constant watch on state government’s different departments and real-time monitoring their performance with the help of CM Dashboard, at the same time providing guidance and directions, making the departments accountable.

    Even as Gandhi and Gujarat are synonymous, we are celebrating 150th Gandhi Jayanti on October 2, 2018. The life and times of Mahatma Gandhi as the Father of Nation, who gave us Swarajya, his experiments from his Janmabhoomi at Porbandar to his education at Rajkot and Karmabhoomi at Kochrab and Sabarmati Ashrams remain source of inspiration for all time to come.

    Gujarat has decided to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of this great leader by following and propagating his principles such as cleanliness, nonviolence, khadi, self-reliance etc. Gandhi is still relevant in contemporary times. There is no way out except for following the Gandhian thoughts and philosophy.

    World’s tallest statue, ‘Statue of Unity’ will be dedicated to the nation on the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel, i.e. on 31st October, 2018. Mr. Narendra Modi has paid a tribute to the Iron Man of India by constructing the world’s tallest statue for a man who united 560 erstwhile princely states and integrated them with the Union of India.

    The path to convert Swarajya to Surajya will be done in an effortless manner.

    Gujarat has shown the nation the path of Surajya. The Vibrant Gujarat Global Business Summit will be held in January 2019. The Vibrant Summits have become an identity for the state and they keep on reaching new heights every year. The theme for this year is ‘Shaping a New India’. We encourage and invite the youth to contribute to the state’s industrial development through the ‘Vibrant Summits’.

    The main aim is to provide global platform to diamond, textile, pharmaceuticals, small scale industries, brass products, machine-pumps industrialists of the State. Not only that, but it is also the goal to give jobs to millions of people through auto hub and ancillary industries. Gujarat has also become the best state in FDI.

    This time Dholera is also making a showcase. In the upcoming days, Dholera will also develop like Singapore and there is also a chance for Gift City. This Land of Opportunity, the birthplace of Gandhi-Sardar-Morarjibhai-Narendra Modi will provide new opportunities to the Investors from around the world.

    Developmental Politics and overall development are the main goals of the Government. It tries to connect everyone from different class or Community. Inclusive Growth is true direction for Surajya.

    We all get together with social harmony after our great independence; we got Swarajya and then the Surajya. We should all be resolute to make future generations bright.

    On the occasion of 72nd Independence Day let us all resolve together, to always be determined for our nation, society and state. Let us all boost forward the Gujarat’s reputation with on the path of Peace- Harmony and Development.  Here is a poem befitting the occasion …

    “Bhul se bhi mukh me jati panth ki baat na ho,

    Bhasha prant ke liya kabhi na raktpaat ho,

    Aa rahi hai charo aur se yahi pukar,

    Hum karenge tyag matrubhumi ke liye apaar…”

    Long live our Independence, undivided by narrow discrimination of Caste, Community, Gender, Rich or Poor. Our only expectation is to build a brighter future for the future generation of India.

    Once again, with very warm wishes on the occasion of Independence Day of India,.

    Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat! Jai Hind!

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat