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Gujarat CM walks his way towards the newly appointed Cabinet Ministers and greets them

    Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel’s remarkable simplicity

    CM showcases a typical example by standing in the premises of the office of Ministers and interacts with the well-wishers-citizens who came to greet the Ministers

    Gandhinagar, Tuesday:  Gujarat Chief Minister displays a piece of extraordinary personality in front of people on the very first day after taking an oath of office on Tuesday morning.

    Chief Minister walked his way towards the offices of newly appointed Cabinet Ministers in Swarnim Sankul-1 and Swarnim Sankul-2 and also extended his best wishes to each of them individually.

    Not only that, but Chief Minister also met all the well-wishers – citizens who came to greet the Ministers by standing in the premises of the Ministers’ office just like a common man which also speaks of his outstanding personality.

    The Cabinet Ministers and the citizens who were present on this occasion were left stunned by such candidness of the Chief Minister.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat