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Gujarat CM’s one more decision for simplification of revenue process in the state

    Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Vijay Rupani today took one more important decision for simplification of revenue process in the state. As per the decision made land disputes can now be heared directly at the prant officer level.

    Earlier, such a disputes noted under the Land Revenue Rules 1972-108 had to be appealed first at the Mamlatdar level, then at the prant officer level and then at the Collector.

    Mr. Rupani has simplified the process wherein instead of appealing at three different level now they need to appeal at only two level i,e at prant officer level and at collector level.

    The state revenue department has issued a preliminary notification in this regard. This process will be implemented in the state after the declaration is finalized.

    Following this decision made by the Chief Minister, a decision on land dispute note can now be taken in time and unnecessary litigation can be avoided. Objections are often raised by the parties or by a third party at the time the notice of title deed is given for various reasons. Which result to delay.

    The Chief Minister has made the revenue administration process simple, transparent and expeditious by issuing amendments, rules, resolutions and circulars from time to time under various laws in matters affecting land revenue in the revenue department.

    Now, this people welfare oriented decision will result in faster disposal of pending disputed appeals and also reduce the workload of the revenue department.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat