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Gujarat, under leadership of CM, makes impressive presentations before 15th Finance Commission of India

Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani today strongly urged the 15th Finance Commission of India, which is on the state visit, to include the states’ performance as criteria to encourage the state.

In reference to this, Mr. Rupani asserted that as a result of this the states would be inspired to perform better in the perspectives of finance, socio-economic and others; and as result to this the nation would be constantly marching ahead on the path of development.

The Finance Commission’s meeting with the Gujarat Government was chaired by its Chairman Mr. N. K. Singh, while other members are Mr. Shashikanta Das, Mr. Anup Singh, Dr. Ashok Laheri, Dr. Ramesh Chand, and its secretary Mr. Arvind Mehta. Others who attended the meeting included Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Nitinbhai Patel, Chief Secretary Dr. J. N. Singh and senior officials of the state government.

The Chief Minister said that the Constitution has given a major responsibility to the state to provide all sort of financial services to fulfil its responsibility for social services and equitable accountability for its citizens. Due to imbalance between its income and expenditures the state must rely on debt for providing these services.

In this reference, Mr. Rupani said that the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission have shown total increase of 2.50 per cent. The state had implemented majority recommendation of the 14th Finance Commission.

He also apprised that 50 per cent population of the state is living in the urban areas and urbanization is growing at the rapid speed. For this, he emphasised that in reference to infrastructural facilities and qualitative services in the urban areas, the urbanization should be included into the criterions by the Commission.

He also pointed out that though Gujarat’s population is just 5 % of the country’s total population, yet, its contribution in the National G. D. P. is 7.5%. According to national economic survey of 2017-18, Gujarat’s contribution in services and exports of goods is 17 %.

The Chief Minister had also apprised the Commission that Gujarat has made qualitative improvement in education through Gunotsav, state-wide water grid network to supply water to over 12,000 villages, 24-hours electricity, Rs. 3080-Cr for Women and Child Welfare, Rs. 9750-Cr for health services, and allocation of maximum budget of Rs. 27,500-Cr for education. Gujarat is revenue surplus state. During 2016-17, Gujarat’s fiscal deficit was reduced to 1.42 per cent of the GSDP. He also urged the Commission to be considerate to help Gujarat for its revenue losses due to its prohibition policy.

In a presentation made by the finance department of the state government, the Commission was apprised about the achievements of various departments and shares in the central funding.

The Commission’s Chairman Mr. Singh and members had appreciated the pro-active contributions and presentation of Gujarat Government and gave their positive recommendations.

While welcoming the Commission’s Chairman and its members, Chief Secretary Dr. J. N. Singh had briefed about the meeting.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat