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Gujarat will play leading role in digital revolution too: Guj CM

    Launch of “Digital India Week-2022”

    As India leads the world for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Gujarat plays the role of a guide: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi


    Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi:

    • My experience of initiatives like G-Swan, e-Gram-Vishwa Gram, Janseva Kendras from my tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat became the basis of ‘Digital India’ at the national level
    • Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurates Digital India Week 2022 for the upcoming decade of New India based on technology
    • The experience of digital initiatives taken in 13 years as the Chief Minister of Gujarat has become the basis of ‘Digital’, “Thank you Gujarat …!”: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi conveys thanks to Gujarat
    • Digital India has brought the government in the hands of the people
    • The Gift City of Gujarat will be the pride of India


    Gujarat will play leading role in digital revolution too: CM Shri Bhupendra Patel 

    • Gujarat topped the Start-up India rankings for the third year in a row
    • By using CM Dashboard- third eye of the government to oversee the activities of the administration, Gujarat government realized ‘Ease of Governance’ 


    Startup India, e-Governance and Electronic Manufacturing are the three main pillars of Digital India: Union Minister Shri Ashwini Vaishnav

    From being a technology consumer, today India has become a technology producer: Union Minister of State Shri Rajiv Chandrasekhar


    • During the month of May-June, 10 lakh crore UPI transactions took place in the country
    • Today, the electronic manufacturing industry in the country is worth 75 billion dollars which has created about 25 lakh jobs in the country
    • PM vows to boost electronics manufacturing industry to US 300 billion in next five years
    • Due to the digital medium, India managed to get the most FDI even during the Corona crisis
    • IndiaStack Global, ‘MyScheme’, ‘Meri Pehchaan, ‘Digital India Bhashini’, ‘Digital India GENESIS, ‘Chips to Startup Program’ and ‘Catalyzing New India’s Techade E-Book’ launched 


    Gandhinagar, Monday: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said, “India is showing the world the direction for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and I am doubly happy that Gujarat is also playing a pioneering role in this. On the occasion of the inauguration of “Digital India Week – 2022″ at the Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said that Gujarat was the first state to start a Gujarat State Data Centre (GSDC) during my 13 years as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Gujarat took initiatives like G-Swan, e-Gram-Vishwa Gram, Janseva Kendras.

    This same experience of mine has become the basis of ‘Digital India’ at the national level after the year 2014. ‘Thank you Gujarat …!’ He thanked Gujarat for this.

    Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said that Digital India enables the government not only in the villages, at home and at the doorsteps of the citizens, it has brought government in the palms of the people. Referring to the Gift City project in Gandhinagar, he said that Gift City would be India’s pride in the fields of fin-tech, data security and financial management.

    He said that with the power of ‘Make in India’ and the power of Digital India, India will take the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to new heights. Digital India will become a modern, prosperous and strong India with new resolutions, new hopes and aspirations.

    The youth of India have potential they just want opportunities. Today, India has a government that the people of the country, the youth, trust. This government is giving opportunities to the youth and that is why our country is moving in many directions with unprecedented strength.

    Over time, a country that does not adopt modern technology gets left behind by time,” he said. India fell victim to this during the Third Industrial Revolution. But today we can proudly say that India is a world leader in the fourth industrial revolution- Industry 4.0.

    Prime Minister Shri Modi said that India has set an example to the world in the form of ‘Digital India Campaign’ of how revolutionary the use of technology is for the whole of human life. The campaign, which started eight years ago, is expanding very fast with the changing times.

    Recalling the situation 8-10 years ago, the Prime Minister said that there was a time when the line for taking birth certificate, line to pay the bill, the line for rations, the line for admission, the line for result and certificate, the lines in banks, today there is no need to stand in line for any work. India has solved the problems by going from ‘line’ to ‘online’ through the use of technology. Today, time and energy have been saved as all services, from birth certificates to senior citizens’ pensions to survival certificates, have gone online.

    Today, with the help of technology Jandhan-Aadhaar-Mobile (JAM), the work that used to take many days is being done with complete transparency in minutes, saving the time and money of millions of families.

    Eight years ago the facilities of the internet were limited, the internet is available at a nominal price through the mantra of our Digital India. The Prime Minister added that in the last eight years, we have set up more than four lakh Common Service Centres across the country to solve the problem of villagers having to come to the city to avail light bills, bank works, government office works and other government services.

    As a result, all these facilities are available to poor families at the village level, saving time and money, as well as providing employment opportunities to many young people.

    Citing the example of a handicapped couple from Dahod, the Prime Minister said that in a small tribal village in Dahod, the couple took advantage of the Mudra scheme to start such a common service centre. Through which today they are earning more than 28 thousand rupees per month.

    The Prime Minister added that there is a huge network of free Wi-Fi at railway stations. Which is proving to be useful for students as well as many travellers. Citing an example, he said that children from poor families living in the vicinity of the railway station have used this facility to pass competitive examinations, including education. At the same time, reunion with their families has been made possible through digital identities like Aadhaar of more than 200 children separated from their parents and families at railway stations or other places.

    Talking about the initiative taken by him during his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat to provide pension facility to widows, he said that the pensions received by such women were being squandered, instead we started opening the accounts of all these Gangaswarupa women at the post office and directly availing the pension to them. Motivated by this, I started using DBT in the year 2015 to deposit the money of the beneficiaries directly in their bank accounts all over the country.

    As a result, in the last 8 years, more than Rs 23 lakh crore has been directly deposited in the bank accounts of the beneficiaries by DBT. Due to this technology, the country’s Rs 2,23,000 crore has been saved from being misused.

    He added that the prospects that Digital India has created in the country in the last eight years have helped us a lot in fighting the global epidemic that has not happened in 100 years. Examples are the Aarogya Setu app and the Covin helpline. “We have transferred thousands of crores of rupees to the bank accounts of millions of women, farmers and workers of the country at the click of a button to help poor families during Covid,” he said. Not only that, it has ensured free ration distribution to more than 80 crore people under the ‘One Nation-One Ration Card’ scheme. This is how we ran the world’s largest and most efficient covid vaccination and covid relief program.

    Due to which, any citizen who comes out of the centre after getting vaccinated today, immediately gets the vaccination certificate on his mobile. Thus, the complete record of vaccination of about 200 crore citizens of the country is safe on the Covin Helpline. Which the whole world has noticed.

    The Prime Minister said that all the operations are becoming extremely fast and easy through digital transformation and technology. Citing an example, he said, “Our government has implemented the PM Swamitva Yojana.” As a result, digital record of land and house mapping in villages as well as in cities is being provided by drones at the village level.

    Today, there are more than 100 skill development courses for various fields including Artificial Intelligence, AR-VR, Robotics, Green Energy. As a result, more than 15 lakh youth will get employment benefits in the next five years. At the same time, more than 75 lakh students in more than 10,000 Atal Tinkering Labs across the country are trying to solve the world’s biggest problems. The new national education policy also focuses on technology.

    More than 50 million youth have been digitally empowered by operating more than 40,000 centres under PMGDisha-Prime Minister’s Rural Digital Literacy Campaign. As a result, the door has been opened for space, reform, gaming, drones, animation-innovation. He expressed confidence that provisions like IN-SPACE and new drone policy would open a new direction for India’s development in the next decade and provide new energy to the tech potential.

    He said that today India is leading the way from chip taker to chip maker. Today, investment in India is increasing rapidly to increase semiconductor production. As a result, we are working towards the goal of taking the country’s electronics manufacturing to more than 300 billion in the next three to four years.


    Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel:-

    Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel said that Gujarat is moving at a steady pace in the direction of digital transformation. At times when digital technology is set to become the centrepiece of India’s development, the country’s growth engine Gujarat will also play a leading role in the country’s digital revolution, he added.

    Launch of Digital India Week-2022 launched in Gujarat and Gujarat achieving first rank in Start Up India Ranking for the third consecutive year, while describing both the milestones as a matter of pride chief minister credited Prime Minister for these achievements.

    On this occasion, the Chief Minister said before 2014, the country had only mobile, computer and internet facilities. But the idea of building a digital India came only through Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. He launched the Digital India Mission within a span of one year after taking over the governance of the country.

    The Chief Minister further said that under the guidance of the Prime Minister, Gujarat has successfully implemented many digital initiatives and e-governance methods. Digital technology has created a cycle of planning, implementation and feedback. As a result, the government could ring out the changes in a timely manner.

    The Chief Minister said that with the help of using CM dashboard, the government of Gujarat has realized ‘Ease of Governance’. It has become the third eye of the government to monitor the activities of the administration. He expressed the view that the IT / ITeS Policy 2022-27 announced by the state government has received wide response.

    The Chief Minister also mentioned the distribution of benefits through DBT in Gujarat, benefits of home government services, digital connectivity in rural areas through optical fiber network, e-government project for paperless administration, ‘AASHVAST’ and ‘VISHWAS’ projects for crime prevention and traffic control. During the Rath Yatra, various initiatives like Digital Surveillance were elaborated. He gave details of the benefits rendered to the student-teacher by the Vidya Samiksha Kendra and G-Shala.


    Union Minister Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw:-

    Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw, Union Minister for Railways, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship as well as Electronics and Information Technology said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the journey of Digital India started in the country 7 years ago, which has 3 main pillars of success. Describing Startup India as its first pillar, the Minister said, The Prime Minister channelized the energy of the country’s youth towards solving the country’s complex problems, which was joined by thousands of people. Compared to the number of startups in the country earlier, today there are more than 73,000 startups operating in the country. These startups have made a significant contribution to the development of the country by creating about 7 lakh job opportunities. There were only 3-4 unicorns earlier in the country and now there are over 100, which is even higher than the whole of Europe.

    Thus India today is counted among the 3 largest startup ecosystems in the world.

    Describing e-governance as another pillar of Digital India, the Minister said through e-Governance, the Prime Minister has created a new India by delivering various civic oriented services to the citizens through digital medium across the country. The Prime Minister established a new model in the country in which various public digital platforms were formed and many startups joined them.

    Mentioning UPI (Unified Payments Interface) as an example of public digital platform Minister said that during last two months- May and June, around 10 lakh crore UPI transactions were reported.  As a result, talks are currently underway with about 30 countries.

    MoU’s have been signed with three countries namely Singapore, UAE and France.

    Describing electronic manufacturing as the third pillar of Digital India, the Union Minister said the electronic manufacturing industry in India was very small eight years ago. In contrast, the country’s electronic manufacturing industry today stands at 75 billion dollars that is about 6 lakh crore. Through which about 25 lakh job opportunities have been created in the country.

    The Prime Minister has an aim to increase the electronics manufacturing industry in the country to 300 billion US dollar in the next five years. Through which India will be included in the top 3 electronic manufacturing countries in the world. Apart from this, it also aims to increase employment in the country from 25 lakh to 80 lakh.


    Union Minister of State Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar:-

    Union Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship as well as Electronics and Information Technology Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar said that having been launched seven years ago, the “Digital India” campaign has made ‘Ease of Living’ and ‘Digital Governance’ a reality across the country. India today has gone from being a technology consumer to a technology producer. Today, India is receiving special respect from all over the world through technology platforms like UPI, Aadhaar, Web 3.0.  Today, India has become the third largest country in the field of research.

    Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar added that Due to the role of digital media, India has managed to get the highest foreign direct investment even during the pandemic. With the Prime Minister hailing the upcoming decade a decade of technology, digital skills are being acquired in every corner of the country today, to which Digital India has been a major contributor.

    A number of innovative digital initiatives were launched by the Prime Minister to make the benefits of public welfare easily available to the citizens through the medium of technology.

    The Prime Minister launched various digital initiatives including ‘IndiaStack Global’, ‘My Scheme’, ‘Meri Pehchaan’, ‘Digital India Bhashini ‘, ‘Digital India GENESIS’, ‘Chips to Startup Program’ and ‘Catalyzing New India’s Techade E-Book’.

    An exhibition has been organized at the Mahatma Mandir to inform the citizens about the easy access to services through public digital platforms like Aadhaar, UPI, Co-Win, Digilocker.  Not only this, with the aim of bringing digital solutions, a digital exhibition with more than 200 stalls has also been organized.

    Members of the Cabinet of Ministers, MP’s, MLAs, experts in the field of IT as well as youth, office bearers and senior officials involved in the field of start-ups besides the beneficiaries of Digital India were present on the occasion.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat