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Hon’ble PM launches Mission LiFE in the august presence of UN Secretary General at Ektanagar

    World leaders congratulate and appreciate the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for the environmental sensitivity initiative and pledge support

    Prime Minister :–

    • Mission LiFE will include every way of life related to the conservation of nature, which our forefathers adopted
    • Today, India is becoming a great example of balance between progress and nature across the world
    • Reduce, reuse, recycle and circular economy have been part of Indian lifestyle for thousands of years
    • Mission LiFE’s mantra is ‘Lifestyle for Environment’. This global campaign connects the powers of the people for the protection of this earth

    We should use natural resources wisely and with respect – UN Secretary-General António Guterres
    Mission Life will be the biggest environmental movement of the 21st century – Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel


    Gandhinagar, Thursday: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, while making a global launch of Mission LiFE from Ektanagar, said that India today is becoming a great example of balance between progress and nature in the whole world.

    With the increase in forest area in the country, the number of wild animals is also increasing. As a result of the steps taken in phases, India is moving steadily towards environmental protection.

    He added that India’s carbon footprint is only one and a half tons per person as against four tons in the world. India is working at the forefront of solving global problems like water and climate change. Reduce, reuse, recycle and circular economy have been part of Indian lifestyle for thousands of years. Expressing the importance of global unity in the fight against climate change, the Prime Minister said, “The world’s largest statue has become a source of inspiration to achieve the set goals as the huge statue of India’s proud Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is being launched from the premises of the Statue of Unity in Ektanagar.

    “When the goal is extraordinary, the result is huge”, said Shri Narendra Modi, adding that Gujarat is the first state in the country to initiate steps towards renewable energy and environmental protection. When it comes to launching schemes, Gujarat has always come forward as a pioneer and trendsetting state.

    Climate change is only an issue related to policy leading to a thought process, instead of leaving this all-important issue to the government or international organizations, there is now a need to engage people’s power, said Shri Narendra Modi. He added that the impact of climate change on people’s surroundings is evident as they are experiencing unexpected disasters in the last few decades. People should contribute against the effects of climate change as individuals, families and communities. The Prime Minister said that Mission LiFE’s mantra is ‘Lifestyle for Environment’. This global campaign harnesses people’s energies to protect the planet, and teaches them to use it better. “Mission Life” inspires us to do everything we can in our daily lives to protect the environment. Mission Life can protect the environment by changing the way we live,”

    Citing the example of adoption of LED bulbs in India to reduce electricity bills and protect the environment, the Prime Minister said that this has led to massive savings and environmental benefits and is a recurring permanent benefit. One hundred metric tons of carbon emissions can be avoided per year.
    Mahatma Gandhi was one of those thinkers who long ago realized the importance of environmental protection and living in harmony with nature. He developed the concept of trusteeship. Mission Life makes us all stewards of the environment. A trustee is someone who does not allow indiscriminate use of resources. The Prime Minister specifically mentioned that the trustee works as a ‘Poshak’ and not as a ‘Shoshak’. He said that Mission LiFE will reveal the spirit of the P3 model i.e. Pro Planet People. Mission LiFE unites the world’s ideas for environmental protection. It works on the basic principles of ‘For the Planet, By the Planet, Of the Planet’.

    Learning from the mistakes of the past can pave the way for the future. India has a tradition of worshiping nature for thousands of years. The Vedas specifically mention the importance of the elements of nature like water, earth, land, fire and wind.
    Shri Narendra Modi quoted the Atharva Veda and said, ‘Mata Bhumih Putroham Prithvih’ means Earth is our mother and we are her children.

    Emphasizing on ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ and circular economy, the Prime Minister said that this has been a part of Indian lifestyle for thousands of years. It inspires us to walk in harmony with nature. Mission LiFE will include every lifestyle related to nature conservation, which our forefathers adopted and can be made a part of our lifestyle today”, he said.

    India has made it clear that it is committed to addressing the threat of climate change. India’s annual per capita carbon footprint is only one and a half tons, compared to the world average of four tons per year,” added Shri Narendra Modi. However, India is at the forefront of addressing global issues such as climate change. He advocated initiatives like Ujjwala Yojana, 75 ‘Amrit Sarovar’ in every district and an unprecedented emphasis on stopping wastage of wealth.

    Today, India has the fourth largest capacity for renewable energy in the world. It ranks fourth in wind energy and fifth in solar energy. India’s renewable energy capacity has increased by about 290 percent in the last seven to eight years. Achieved target of achieving 40 percent electric capacity from non-fossil-fuel sources 9 years ahead of schedule. The target of 10 percent ethanol blend in petrol has also been achieved and that too, 5 months before the deadline. Through the National Hydrogen Mission, India has moved towards an environment-friendly source of energy. This will help India and many countries around the world achieve their net zero goals. The Prime Minister expressed such confidence.

    Prime Minister added that India is a prime example of how progress and nature can go hand in hand. Now that India has become the fifth largest economy in the world, our forest cover is also increasing and so is the number of wildlife, he said. Highlighting the global campaign of ‘One Sun, One World, One Grid’, the Prime Minister said that India now wants to further enhance its partnership with the world by strengthening its resolve towards such goals. By spearheading the creation of the Organization for Disaster Resilience Infrastructure, India has conveyed its vision of environmental protection to the world. Mission LiFE is the next step in this series. As India and the United Nations have worked together, new ways have been found to make the world a better place, he added.

    Next year the ‘International Year of Cereals’ will be discussed all over the world. Mission LiFE will succeed in taking it to every corner of the world, every country. “We have to remember this mantra – “Prakriti Rakshati Rakshita”. That means those who protect nature, nature protects them, Shri Narendra Modi added.

    The Prime Minister said that India is like a second home to United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres and he has visited India many times during his youth. The Prime Minister thanked the Secretary General Guterres for taking the opportunity to visit India and said that welcoming him to Gujarat was like welcoming a family member. The Prime Minister expressed his delight at the support extended to India in undertaking the Mission Life initiative and thanked all the Heads of Nations for sending their congratulatory messages on this auspicious occasion.
    Shri Narendra Modi along with the UN Secretary General released the Mission Life Document, Logo, Tagline during the event.

    UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres :-

    Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of UN, said that Life for the Environment – Mission LiFE will be essential and promising for the whole world to save the earth from this difficult period of crisis. Overconsumption is at the root of the triple crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution, said Antonio Guterres. Advocating that all individuals and communities must be part of the solution to protect the collective future of the planet. We are using the equivalent of 1.6 planet earth to support our lifestyle. This great excess is compounded by the great inequality. He hoped that the initiative of the LiFE mission movement would spread across the world. He said, “I am very encouraged by India’s commitment to environment-friendly policies and significant increase in investment in renewable energy.”

    Championing the international solar alliance, the renewable revolution needs to be unleashed. United Nation is eager to work with India. Stating that, he added that Egypt will not only hold an in-depth discussion on the upcoming CoP 27 to advance this agenda, but will also play a key role in building confidence and accelerating action on all pillars of the Paris Agreement. India can play an important bridging role to the impacts of climate change and its larger economy, he added.

    Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, the Secretary General Antonio Guterres said, “The world has enough resources for everyone’s needs, but everyone is greedy today.” He further added that we must use natural resources judiciously and with respect.

    He emphasized on the use of earth’s resources properly with changes in economy and lifestyle. India’s presidency of the G20 will help usher in a new era of full relevance to India’s history, culture and tradition.

    Chief Minister :-

    Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel said that the Mission LiFE launched globally in the vicinity of the Statue of Unity, the tallest statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in the world, will be the biggest environmental movement of the 21st century. The Chief Minister said that when the world was talking about global warming, solar energy and green energy, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat and the present Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi took many steps through his foresight. During Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Gujarat was the first state in Asia to start a separate and dedicated Climate Change Department under his leadership, the Chief Minister said.

    Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, Canal top, Solar Parks have been established in the state. A 730 MW solar park was also established in Charanka, a border area of the country. Not only this but when the world was looking for ways to fight climate change, Shri Narendra Modi showed the whole world the way to solve this problem through his book ‘Convenient Action’. The Chief Minister said that the Prime Minister’s contribution in the field of environmental protection and climate change has also been appreciated by UNO, as part of which he also conferred the prestigious honor of Champion of the Earth in the year 2018.

    The Chief Minister also mentioned that Mission LiFE is being made a global movement by drawing inspiration from the past, working in the present and focusing on the future, which will create eco-friendly culture and traditional practices in India. Gujarat has been a pioneer in the field of renewable energy with the installation of solar rooftops in more than four lakh households. The Chief Minister added that today we are all present at the Ektanagar Statue of Unity premises. The Statue of Unity, the world’s tallest statue of Sardar, the sculptor of India’s unity and integrity, is the result of the inspiration and determination of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    On this occasion, Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar and Union Minister of State for External Affairs Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi, diplomats of various countries in India, CEO of NITI Aayog Shri Parameswaran Iyer, Chief Secretary of Gujarat Shri Pankaj Kumar, senior officials of Climate Change Department and officials of NITI Aayog were present.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat