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Important Decision of CM for Environmental Conservation in municipalities of the state

    Chief Minister gives in-principle approval for works worth Rs. 118.12 crore for state of the art STP plants of 73.98 MLD capacity in 9 municipalities of the state 

    Disposal of grey water accumulated due to sewer network of municipalities environment conservation and reuse of waste water through Re-use of Treated Water Initiative

    Commitment of the State Government under the visionary leadership of Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel to ensure STP facility in all Municipalities of the State


    • 1850 crore has been sanctioned for 161 STPs of a total capacity of 1497 MLD in municipalities of the state
    • STP works of 720 MLD in 57 municipalities functional
    • Chief Minister gave in-principle approval to the STP works of Gadhada 6.3 MLD – Kathlal 4.5 MLD – Mahudha 4 MLD – Patdi 3.4 MLD – Savarkundla 13.40 MLD – Bayad 5.07 and 031 MLD – Siddapur 13.50 MLD – Sojitra 2.5 MLD and Vallabh Vidyanagar 21 MLD


    Gandhinagar, Wednesday: Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel gave in-principle approval for works worth Rs. 118.12 crore for state of the art Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) of 73.98 MLD capacity in 9 municipalities of the state.

    Works of Advanced technology based STP are carried out in the municipalities of the state for the purpose of disposal of grey water accumulated due to sewer network of municipalities of the state as per the norms of the Ministry of Environment as well such water can be re-used, recycled.

    The Chief Minister has given in-principle approval for the construction of advanced STP for the 9 municipalities where domestic waste water was previously disposed of through old technology and in treatment oxidation ponds. He has sanctioned Rs. 188.12 crore as part of the environmental conservation approach in the state for the construction of Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) with advanced technology for sewage treatment in these municipalities in 2022-23 and for associated ancillary works required to make them fully functional.

    These 9 municipalities include Gadhada STP (6.3 MLD, capacity, 23.29 crore), Kathlal STP (4.5 MLD capacity, 14.02 crore), Mahudha STP (4 MLD capacity, 10.00 crore), Patdi STP (3.4 MLD capacity, 9.68 crore), Savarkundla STP (13.40 MLD capacity, 30.56 crore), Bayad STP (5.07 MLD and 0.31 MLD capacity, 13.17 crore), Siddhapur STP (13.50 MLD capacity, 48.31 crore), Sojitra STP (2.5 MLD capacity, 10.61 crore) and Vallabh Vidyanagar STP (21 MLD capacity, 28.48 crores).

    Under the visionary leadership of Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel, the approach of the State Government is to ensure the facility of Sewage Treatment Plant STP in all the Municipalities of the State.

    Accordingly, works of 161 STPs of Rs. 1850 crores with a total capacity of 1497 MLD in municipalities have already been sanctioned out of these STP works of 720 MLD capacity are functional in 57 municipalities.

    In the 9 municipalities where the STP works are approved, adequate efforts will be made to treat the water through STP and discharge it into the environment or for use in agriculture/industries.


    Source: Information Department, Gujarat