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Gujarat will lead the nations agricultural revolution through natural farming

    PM will be the brand ambassador to guide the nation towards natural farming: Home Minister Mr. Amit shah

    A mentoring seminar on natural farming was held with farmers

    Union Home Minister – Governor – CM provided virtually guided: 1000 farmers

    Gujarat will lead the nations agricultural revolution through natural farming

    Governor: Protecting barren land from fertile and water resources will make natural farming

    Through natural farming nations farmers will become self-reliant and prosperous: Governor

    It is planned to start State Project Implementing Unit to expand the scope of natural agriculture in Gujarat: Chief Minister


    Gandhinagar, Saturday: Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah clearly stated that our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is going to be the brand ambassador to make agriculture chemical- free, increase soil fertility and turn the world towards natural farming.

    In this regard, the Home Minister said that the country has been cultivating with the use of chemical fertilizers for decades.

    Now the findings of this crisis have emerged as a viable alternative to natural farming. By turning the farmers toward this, in the days to come, our Prime Minister will be the brand ambassador in displaying the route of natural farming to the world.

    The Union Home Minister was addressing a mentoring seminar through a virtual medium on natural farming. More than a thousand farmers from rural areas of Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad participated.

    Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah, Governor Mr. Acharya Devvrat, Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Bhupendra Patel, Agriculture Minister Mr. Raghav Patel and State Minister Mr. Mukesh Patel also joined from Gandhinagar in this seminar.

    Union Home Minister added that this move towards natural farming is giving the right direction. Everyone is now stepping towards natural farming. He said that Mr. Modi has identified this crisis in the agricultural sector and has also conducted a survey stating that natural farming is beneficial to more than 8 crore farmers of the nation.

    Union Home Minister proudly added that Gujarat, with its commitment to take the lead in the field of natural farming, has guided more than two lakh farmers in the state. He said that in order to give more impetus to natural farming, he expressed his commitment to inspire 50 percent farmers of Gandhinagar parliamentary constituency towards natural farming by year 2025.

    Lauding on the Prime Minister’s visionary decision to double the income of farmers by the year 2022, the Union Home Minister had set a target of turning 15 farmers per village, taluka of Gandhinagar constituency by the year 2022.

    Union Home Minister lauded the initiative taken by FPO and e-Vehicle to ensure that the products of natural farmers of Gujarat reach the market directly and consumers.



    Guiding the farmers of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, Governor of Gujarat Mr. Acharya Devvrat stated that because of chemical farming the fertility of the land is declining.

    People are laid low with incurable illnesses because of pollutants of water, land and environment.  It’s now time to turn back to natural farming.

    Governor added that in a program organized at Anand Krishi University on 16th December 2021, our Prime Minister of the nation Mr. Narendra Modi as well as the Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah called upon 8 crore farmers of the country to become self-reliant.

    Emphasizing the need for natural farming in the present times, Governor Acharya Devvratji said that there was a need for chemical farming in the 60’s, but today, natural farming is the only solution to the problem of its adverse effects – global warming. It saves up to 50 percent of water, at the same time reduces the cost of farming to almost zero.

    Citing the instance of Himachal Pradesh, the Governor stated that in line with a study, the value of subsistence farming in Himachal Pradesh has reduced with the aid of using 56% and the earnings of farmers has multiplied with the aid of using 27%.

    Regarding the natural farming logo, e-vehicle and app launched today in the presence of Union Home Minister Mr. Amita Shah, the Governor said that While the state government was providing financial assistance for the upkeep of the cows, today these new projects are also being set up to facilitate the sale and marketing of farmers’ produce.


    Gujarat Chief Minister :

    Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Bhupendra Patel termed this seminar on natural farming as Krishi Sankranti and said that the goal of becoming self-reliant in the field of agriculture is to accelerate the realization of natural farming.

    CM made it clear that the best way to protect water, land, environment and human health now is to turn to “back to nature” natural farming. He added that there is a huge demand for Natural Farming-Zero budget agricultural products in most of the countries of the world. We have planned to set up a State Project Implementing Unit in the state for wide dissemination of this method.

    Minister of Agriculture Mr. Raghavji Patel welcomed all.

    Senior officials including Minister of State Mr. Mukesh Patel, Chief Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister K. Kailasanathan, Chief Secretary Mr. Pankaj Kumar, Principal Secretary for Agriculture Mr. Manish Bhardwaj, Animal Husbandry Secretary Mr. Nalin Upadhyay joined from Gandhinagar. MLAs, leaders, ex-ministers etc. joined from various taluka headquarters.


    Source: Information Department, Gujarat