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Guj CM honors state’s industrial workers with Labor Award on Vishwakarma Jayanti Day

Along with prime infrastructure, Labour Peace has been important contributor in making Gujarat an ideal destination for investment: – CM

CM honours the industrial workers of various sectors of the state with Labour Award on Vishwakarma Jayanti

CM launches DISHA system in the presence of Minister of State for Labour and Employment & Minister of State for Cottage Industries


Gandhinagar, Monday:  Gujarat has the lowest man-day loss in the country. Gujarat has successfully implemented a number of labour welfare schemes to realize the mantra of ‘Shramev Jayate’ given by the Prime Minister.

Gujarat has become a role model of development in industry-trade-manufacturing sector with the active cooperation of the labour force. The culmination of hard work of workers will lead to ‘Self-reliant Gujarat to Self-reliant India’. Labourers play pivotal role in keeping the economy dynamic and afloat so a special subsidy for electric vehicle is provided to them under Gujarat government’s environment friendly Go Green scheme to commute to worksite.

Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel has clearly stated that infrastructure, state’s favourable policies and labour peace have aided in crowning Gujarat the best destination for investment for industrialists and investors. In this context, he said that Gujarat has the lowest man-day loss in the country. With the active cooperation of the workers and the business friendly policies of the state government, Gujarat is at the forefront in the country in terms of industrial development and labour welfare.

The Chief Minister addressed this function organized by the Department of Labour Skill Development and Employment of the state government at the labour award distribution and launching ceremony of DISHA system in Gandhinagar. Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi began this labour award distribution during his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat, under which the state government honours the workers who have contributed to the industry to growth by exhibiting their exceptional skills of self-awareness, productivity and helped maintaining industrial peace during the time of industrial crisis.

On the eve of Vishwakarma Jayanti, the CM on Monday felicitated 16 individuals under the Shram Ratna, Shram Bhushan, Shram Veer and Shram Shri – Shram Devi awards. This year 6 such awards have been given in the entire state.

Wishing Vishwakarma Jayanti on the occasion, CM said that ‘Shram Ave Jayate’ and ‘Har Haath Ko Kaam Har Kaam ka Sanman’ the mantra is given by the Prime Minister. To realize this mantra, the state government is successfully implementing a number of labour welfare schemes for a self-reliant Gujarat to a self-reliant India, he added. CM said that the state government has been constantly concerned for the health and education facilities of the families of the workers and their children. He also said that the unorganized sector workers in the state are given U-Win cards and are also given the benefit of various social security schemes free of cost.

CM also elaborated on the scheme to provide assistance to the workers for purchasing electric vehicles under the Go-Green scheme to facilitate commuting to and from work, keeping the state’s economy afloat. He added that at the time of lockdown in Koro epidemic, under the ‘One Nation, One Ration’, we had provided food grains to foreign workers on their state’s ration card in Gujarat to ensure that their families did not go to bed hungry. CM termed the distribution of this labour award, which is being held in the nectar year of independence, as an elixir of honour to the workers who have contributed to the building of a prosperous India.

CM also launched the DISHA app for the workers to make the work done by the officials of Industrial Safety and Health transparent and easy. In his welcome address, Shri Brijesh Kumar Merja, Minister of State for Labour and Employment, wished a happy Vishwakarma Jayanti to all.

Minister Shri Merja added that in order to encourage the workers working in the factories within the limits of the state and in the field of progress, development and upliftment of the state, the state government has taken immediate steps by the workers to maintain production, quality and industrial peace as well as risk their lives. A scheme has been implemented to provide 12 different types of state labour rewards to the labourers who have saved lives as well as those who have done work to save property. This award is given every year by the state labour and employment department in various categories like Rajya Shram Ratna, Rajya Shram Bhushan, Rajya Shram Veer, Rajya Shram Shri / Shram Devi.

Mr. Merja further said that for the special work done by the labourers in the state by selecting the laborers by a high level committee constituted by the state government, 12 prizes in each region like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Surat are to be given a total of 3 prizes. Under the Rajya Shram Ratna Award Rs.25000 per award, Rs. 15,000 under Rajya Shram bhushan Award, Rs 10,000 Rajya Shram Vir award and Rs.5000 under Shram Shri and Shram devi award is awarded.

Minister of State for Industry Shri Jagdish Panchal while congratulating the workers of the state on the birth anniversary of Vishwakarma, the creator of the universe, said that the invaluable opportunity provided by the state government to honour the workers and artisans is a source of pride for all the artisans.

On this occasion, the front secretary of the labour and employment department Mrs. Anju Sharma, labour and employment commissioner Mrs. P. Bharti, Director of Industrial Safety and Health Shri P. like this. Shah and senior officials of the Department of Labour, Skill Development and Employment and the family of the Labour Award winners were also present.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat