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Gujarat Chief Minster Vijay Rupani’s message to the people for Independence Day

    “This festival of freedom, Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, is an occasion for us to be immersed in patriotism”

    “Let us realise the dream of making Gujarat safe, happy, prosperous, strong and divine for future generation”

    – Shri Vijay Rupani

    Gandhinagar, Saturday: Gujarat Chief Minster Vijay Rupani in his message to the people of the state on the eve of the 75th Independent Day described this year as an extremely fortunate occasion to participate in Amrit Mahotsav for the ultimate sacrifices of the brave martyrs and freedom fighter.

    The Chief Minister asked all to resolve to realise the dream of making Gujarat safe, happy, prosperous, strong and divine for future generation. Let this festival of freedom being celebrated as the Amrit Mahotsav of our Independence to be immersed in patriotism, he said. The message is as follows:

    I extend my loads of greetings to all on this festival of freedom… Our nation is celebrating the 75th anniversary of Independence Day. It is a day to pay our obeisance to the famous and anonymous martyrs and righteous souls who after years of incessant struggle against the British, having braved bullets and blows of lathis, many embracing gallows.

    Many people like Khudiram Bose, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Veer Savarkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Lokmanya Tilak led the fight against the British to free India from the shackles of slavery.

    We are extremely fortunate to participate in the 75th anniversary of Independence Day being celebrated as Amrit Mahotsav for the ultimate sacrifices of the brave martyrs and freedom fighters, providing us an opportunity to immerse in patriotism.

    There was a goal, dream behind many people’s sacrificing their lives for the freedom of the country that one day the future generation will reach the pinnacle of prosperity. There was a dream that Bharat Mata will one day become ‘Jagat Janani’. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a call to crores of Indians to march for ‘Sankalp to Siddhi’ with a view to make ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’, taking every province, every state along.

    This Amrit Mahotsav is in memory of those illustrious sons of the nation who gave us freedom and to realise their dreams. The mantra at the time of our freedom struggle was, ‘Die for the nation’. Now the mantra is, ‘Live for the nation’. It is now for every Indian to live for the nation, work for the nation, to work to ensure India becomes Bharat Jagat Guru and Barat becomes Atmanirbhar, self-reliant, in the future.

    India will have to move forward to compete with the developed nations in education, health, agriculture, energy, infrastructure, industries and other fields in the coming years with a firm determination ensure the next Century belongs to India.

    The Amrit Mahotsav of Independence inspires all of us to resolve that we all Gujaratis and Gurjarvasis join together in the celebration of Amrit Mahotsav. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has begun Gujarat’s march to development and we have to now make Gujarat ‘Uttam thi Sarvottam’.

    We have to set new benchmark of making a strong Gujarat for a strong India. Have to say with humility at the beginning of the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence that this government has no pride or no authoritarian desire, but to serve the people with its multifaceted works to take Gujarat ahead. It is with humbleness and modesty that this government is working for the all-round development of the state and welfare of the people, every moment of it, for the poor, have-nots, oppressed, women, agrarian farmers and workers. The goal is mantra for development.

    ‘Sauno Sath, Sauno Vikas’ is the purpose. The government has now completed five years by walking on the path of development politics paved by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendrabhai. ‘Panch Varsh Apni Sarkar Na- Sauna Sath Sauna Vikas na’ was not a celebration, but a ‘Seva yagna’. It is the duty and responsibility of the elected government in a democratic system of governance to give the balance of public welfare works to the people.

    During this tough time of Corona, we have safeguarded all the people of Gujarat. We have cured eight and a half lakh Gujaratis from Corona and sent them back home well. Today, Gujarat has come out of the second wave with the sole aim of protecting the people from corona infection, providing best treatment and cure the infected people and by making comprehensive efforts for the same. With 20-25 cases in the last few days, surely, we have saved Gujarat from becoming further infected by Corona. And brothers and sisters, let us pray to God that the third wave does not happen. But if the third wave does occur, we have made extensive preparations based on the experience of the second wave with all our strength to win the battle against Corona.

    Let us follow the Corona guidelines keeping the motto ‘Dawai Bhi, Kadai Bhi’, conduct ourselves believing that Corona is not over yet. We have applied our strength on vaccination so that all the people of Gujarat get vaccinated. I am glad that we have already given a quarter to four crore doses and we have also arranged comprehensive facilities to give doses to more than five lakh people every day. Simultaneously, we have not let the development stop, continuing our daily activities at full speed. And concerning the restrictions on our activities due to Corona for last one and a half year, we are trying to bring the situation back to normal by gradually undoing those restrictions.

    In last one and a half years, we have continued developmental works worth Rs 30,000 crore… Numerous dedications and foundation stones have also been laid…  By transforming challenges into opportunities, we move on in the direction of “Na Jhukna Hai, Na Rukna Hai”, “Corona Harshe, Jitshe Gujarat”. Till March 2021, 37% investment of the country’s total FDI has come to Gujarat alone.

    We have been improving the industrial growth of Gujarat. Gujarat has achieved the lowest unemployment rate in the country i.e., 1.8% by providing many employment opportunities to the youth. Corona has affected the economic activities of business industries all over the world but in Gujarat we stayed away from it.

    Gujarat is moving forward with policies like new industry policy, new tourism promotion policy, new electrical vehicle policy, integrated logistics park policy and more recently new vehicle scrapping policy. But we want to become best of the best by ‘Path ka antim lakshya nahi hai sinhaasan chadne jana… sab samaaj ko liye hi, sath me aage badhte jana.’… There are still many resolutions to be made to turn them into achievements.

    We want to eradicate unemployment, poverty and corruption from Gujarat… Gujarat is the growth engine of the country, and now whether the country’s largest greenfield investment region in Dholera, or Rajkot’s AIIMS, or Asia’s huge medicity or international financial activity, or Gift City, or Surat’s diamond bourse, or the home of world tourism- Statue of Unity, or in the sports field – the biggest cricket stadium of the world Narendra Modi Stadium… there are many new milestones to be set with the commitment that the best in the world is in Gujarat.

    We have worked hard to justify the trust that six and a half crore Gujaratis have put in us. We have marked the culmination of hard work to make everyone feel the emotion of ‘Mari Sarkar’, to make people feel the sense of their own government by reflecting people’s hope-expectations, wishes, dreams through the policies-ethics and work process.

    Come, let us get together on this auspicious occasion of our independence, create Gujarat as an example by making it the best for creating the best Bharat, strong Bharat, Atmanirbhar Bharat.

    Come, let’s all have a resolution to make “Aapnu Gujarat, salaamat Gujarat, Sukhi Gujarat, Samruddh Gujarat, Sashakta Gujarat, Sanskari Gujarat, Divya Gujarat, Ahinsak Gujarat” … and realise the dreams of our future generations.

    Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat…… Vande Matram…………..Bharat Mata ki jai…

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat