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MoU inked between Gujarat Vishwakosh Trust and Gujarati Lexicon in Ahmedabad in the presence of CM

    Contribution of Gujarat Vishwakosh and Gujarati Lexicon has been important contributors in enriching and developing of our Gujarati language: CM

    State Government is committed to protect our mother tongue and culture under the guidance of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi: CM


    Gandhinagar, Thursday: MoU has been signed between Gujarat Vishwakosh and Gujarati Lexicon at Gujarat Vishwakosh Trust in Ahmedabad in the presence of Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel.

    CM congratulated both Gujarat Vishwakosh Trust and Gujarati Lexicon for this initiative and for their noble work.Both Gujarat Vishwakosh Trust and Gujarati Lexicon have done commendable and admirable work which no one has done in Gujarati language.

    Gujarat Vishwakosh Trust has been an important partner in the development journey of Gujarati language but modern technology has become a necessity in this rapidly changing time.At this time, the late Shri Ratilal Chandaria has started the language service by digitizing the invaluable vocabulary of our language through the initiative of Gujarati Lexicon.

    CM further said that a project to make the knowledge of complex science disciplines like Robotics-Artificial Intelligence available in Gujarati language is also being organized by these two institutes. which is a commendable effort for our mother tongue. He said that Gujarati Lexicon has also made a significant contribution in the promotion of Gujarati language in the digital age. Through various mediums like Youth Corner, Blog, Video and Explore Gujarat, an attempt has been made to bring today’s young generation and language lovers together on one platform.

    Under the guidance of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the state government is committed to protect the mother tongue and culture.Only two years ago, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Bhai has implemented a revolutionary education policy in the country, in which emphasis has been laid not only on mother tongue education, but also on mother tongue as a medium of education, he added.

    The Chief Minister also expressed confidence that we are working towards language service in Gujarat with the inspiration of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

    CM further added that the collective efforts of the institutions and the government will not only preserve the glorious heritage of Gujarati language but will also reach new heights of language and culture achievement. He called upon academics, linguists and educational institutes to come forward for the continuous expansion of Gujarati language.

    Various poems were also presented by Poet Shri Amar Bhatt on the occasion.

    Trustees of Vishwakosh Shri Kumarpal, Shri Nitinbhai Shukla, Shri Prakashbhai Bhagwati as well as Trustee of Gujarati Chandrayaan Foundation Shri Mukeshbhai Shah, writers as well as language lovers were present on the occasion.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat