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On Gujarat Foundation day, Chief Minister starts a tradition of Samrasta Bhojan

    CM eats food prepared and brought by women of ordinary families from their own homes with the gathered crowd- a unique gesture of service, equality and respect

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    Gandhinagar, Sunday: Chief Minister Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel participated in various programs of the state level at Patan district to celebrate the 62nd founding day of the state of Gujarat.

    The Chief Minister sat down with them and tasted the Gujarati food prepared by the women of ordinary families of Patan district. The women of the common family of different community classes of Patan district made various dishes for the Chief Minister at their home and with their own hands and served them to the Chief Minister Bhupendrabhai Patel.

    During the celebration of the foundation day, the Chief Minister started a new tradition of ‘Samarasata Bhojan’.

    The meal consisted of 13 dishes like Shiro, Keri no ras, Sukhadi, Mug nu Shaak, Rotla, Kadhi, Dal-Rice, Buttermilk-Butter. The Chief Minister and other dignitaries enjoyed Gujarati cuisine.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat