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CM attends Shastra Pujan by CM security staff on the occasion of Vijayadashami

    CM extends Vijayadashami greetings

    CM performs traditional “Sastra Poojan” on Dussehra festival

    Gandhinagar, Friday:  Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Bhupendra Patel extended Dussehra greetings and best wishes to all the citizens on the occasion of Vijayadashami and performed traditional “Sastra Poojan” (arms poojan) on Dussehra festival.

    There is a special tradition to worship weapon on VIjyadashmi, A Victory of Truth over Untruth and Victory of Divine Forces over Evil Forces, we all have to follow the path of good behavior, virtue and truth.

    CM also expressed his happiness that this time he has got the opportunity to participate in the tradition Sastra Poojan started by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi during his tenure as Chief Minister.

    Every year on Vijayadashami, Sastra Poojan is held at Chief Minister’s residence by the security officers and police personnel’s of CM.

    About 50 security personnel including Chief Minister’s Superintendent of Police Mr. Chintan Teraiya, and Deputy Superintendents of Police, Police Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors joined on the occasion.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat