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VYO’s co-operation in GoI-GoG efforts to meet oxygen requirement is commendable – Shri Vijaybhai Rupani

Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah dedicates to people nine ‘Oxygen Plants’ installed by VYO in Gujarat


Chief Minister Mr.  Vijaybhai Rupani makes special virtual presence


VYO has installed total 29 oxygen plants in Gujarat


Ahmedabad: Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah, in the virtual presence of Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani, today virtually dedicated to people as many as nine oxygen plants installed at various places in Gujarat by Vallabh Youth Organization (VYO). Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Shah categorically stated that by fighting successfully against Corona pandemic with a comprehensive planning and patience, the government as well as the nation have set an example to the world.

In this reference, the Union Home Minister said that for the last one-and-half year the entire world is making struggle to fight against the Corona pandemic. The Nature has tested the India with two cyclones during this period. However, under the leadership of Prime Minister Mr. Narendrabhai Modi with leadership capacity, NGOs and cooperation from the citizens, we have achieved success against these problems.

The Union Home Minister had virtually dedicated to the people as many as nine Oxygen Plants installed by Vallabh Youth Organization at Tilakwada, Dashkroi, Sola, Kapadvanj, Kalavad, Porbandar, Mehsana, and Bhanwad in Gujarat.

The VYO has, so far, installed as many as 29 oxygen plants in Gujarat. Thus, the organization has provided exemplary service during this second wave of Corona pandemic, Mr. Shah further said and added that during the second-wave of the Corona pandemic, the biggest challenge was to meet the demand of oxygen for the patients, which had risen from daily one thousand tons to ten-thousand tons.

He had further stated that accepting this challenge, the states had given full cooperation. The Union Government had supplied the oxygen to the states using cryogenic tankers through railways, thus ensuring that no place face short supply of the oxygen. Owing to our united efforts and constant and consistent contributions from Corona Warriors – doctors, paramedical staff and others – we were able to constrain the second wave of the Corona pandemic and could manage to reduce the oxygen demand down to 3500 Mt Ton per day.

He also praised Gujarat for its success in curbing the Corona pandemic under the competent and visionary leaderships of Mr. Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Nitinbhai Patel.

Mr. Shah also pointed out that the Prime Minister has intention to cover more and more people in the vaccination against corona as soon as possible. He also appreciated that Gujarat is also a leader in vaccination.

Mr. Shah congratulated the VYO for bringing the Vaishnov youths under one service umbrella and expanding its service to 46 cities of 15 countries. The Home Minister also expressed confidence that the 29 oxygen plants started by VYO in Gujarat would be useful in meeting the oxygen consumption in the state.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Mr. Rupani praised the VYO, which is inspired by Vrajraj Kumarji Maharaj, for its social services, patriotism and works that make pride to the Hindu culture. He further stated that Gujarat had successfully curbed the first wave of Corona pandemic. The second wave was also brought under the control with similar aggressiveness. Now, when the experts are drawing probability of the third wave, Gujarat is fully ready for it.

The Chief Minister further stated that as a result of the industrial growth made in Gujarat during the regime of the Prime Minister when he was Chief Minister of the state, thus the industrial oxygen had become available during the Corona transition time, and state did not face short supply in oxygen.

He said that against the limitations of liquid oxygen, we aim to set up plants in the state to get oxygen directly from the air and avail 300 tonnes of PSA oxygen to become self-reliant.

Mr. Rupani said that it is commendable that the Government of India and the State Government have joined hands with VYO into work of oxygen supply to meet the demands of the time.

Others who spoke on the occasion included Shri Vrajraj Kumarji Maharaj.

The event was also graced by BJP State President and Member of Parliament Mr. C. R. Patil, Member of Parliament (Jamnagar) Mrs. Poonamben Madam, MLAs from Ahmedabad city, senior BJP leaders and others.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat