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PM dedicates India’s first continuous solar powered Modhera “Surya Gram” to nation

    PM lays foundation stone and dedicates developmetal works of woth more than Rs. 3092 crore in Mehsana

    The government is determined to spread the light of development like the sun all over the country- PM

    Shri Narendra Modi is a courageous leader who recognized the pain of the people and brought its solution- CM


    Gandhinagar, Sunday:  Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi while dedicating India’s first continuous solar powered ‘Surya Gram’ to the nation from Mehsana said that, with the dedication of this Surya Village, entire North Gujarat has become the center of new energy of development. He added that the government is determined to spread the light of development like the sun all over the country.

    The Prime Minister further said that the dreams of many people are coming true due to the combination of faith and technology. Simultaneously, the concept of Smart Gujarat – India is being realized. The village known for the Sun Temple has now become famous as ‘Surya Gram’.

    Modhera will be written in golden letters in the environmental history of the world. The attacker made several attempts to destroy the Modhera Sun Temple, a number of violence took place. Today it has become a role model for the entire world with mythological significance. Now when the topic of solar energy will be raised in world Modhera will definitely be mentioned. It is a matter of pride for us that everything in Modhera village is solar powered. This is a special gift for a self-reliant India of the 21st century. We are making continuous efforts to provide security to the next generation.

    This scheme will not only provide electricity but also money after its consumption. Till now the government used to generate electricity and people bought it, but now that has changed. People install solar panels in homes, farmers generate electricity in fields and government buys, this situation has changed people’s lives. Now the government helps people for solar energy. The production of solar powered pumps has also increased in the country.

    We have seen those tough days when many areas including Mehsana had to cut corners for electricity and water, today’s generation will not know about it. But now the whole situation has changed. Today’s young generation has also got an opportunity to make full use of this changed situation. There was a time when there was an atmosphere of opposition to development and today Gujarat and India are making their mark in the world.

    Referring to the public support he received, Shri Modi said, my panchamrut development works have always received public support. The goal of Panchamrut Shakti has been welcomed by Gujaratis. Focused on the five pillars of electricity, water, education, agriculture and health. We have paid much attention on road, rail connectivity and we have got the results. He added that under the Jyoti Gram Yojana, village-to-village electricity was made available in one thousand days and the scheme was successfully implemented in the country as well.

    Mentioning water as a boon of nature, Shri. Modi said that the Sujlam- Suflam canal was constructed and the previously wasted water has now reached the fields. Areas like Visnagar-Vadnagar, Kheralun in North Gujarat have been provided with water and due to this, economic prosperity has also increased. In the wake of electrified water, new directions have also opened up for sectors like animal husbandry, agriculture and industry.

    Shri Modi said that it was tough once to make cycles in Gujarat and now cars are manufactured in Gujarat and days are not far when airplanes will be manufactured here. Four lane roads are to be constructed in Bahucharaji, Modhera, Chansma area. Similarly, the Taranga-Ambaji railway line project is to transform this area.

    Many schemes like medical college in Vadnagar, health facilities in all districts of the state, Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi kendras are useful for the people. There are many tourist spots in the entire North Gujarat area that need to be further developed. These places need to be developed so that they become the attraction of not only Gujarat but the entire country.

    Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel said that, under the direction of Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi, development has flourished. The Prime Minister has developed such a tradition of good governance that the developmental works of the one laid foundation by them are inaugurated in their tenure.

    The first condition of development is electricity and water. Two decades ago Gujarat lacked even such basic facilities. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi recognized the pain of the people and brought its solution. Every house in Modhera village gets solar energy from solar rooftop and it has become net renewable energy producing village. Modhera village gets 24×7 solar energy generated electricity. Simultaneously, Modhera Surya Mandir, a cultural heritage of Gujarat, has also been illuminated with solar energy lights.

    At time when solar energy was only being talked about in the country, the Prime Minister, as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, established Asia’s largest solar energy park in Charanka, Banaskantha, which has now become an example before the world. Under the guidance of the Prime Minister, the government is setting up a hybrid energy park of 30 thousand megawatts in Kutch. In Gujarat, the state’s installed power capacity has increased by 31000 MW in the last two decades and the generation capacity of solar energy has increased by 7180 MW.

    Regarding the water supply schemes implemented in the state, the Chief Minister said that PM has made Gujarat watery by supplying water to North Gujarat through the network of Sujalam Suflam schemes, Narmada-based water distribution schemes and bulk pipelines.

    The people of Gujarat are benefiting massively from the infrastructural development works like railways, overbridges, underbridges, widening of various routes, gauge conversion and development of tourist resorts as a result of the double engine government.

    While the comprehensive development of Gujarat is shining like the sun, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, we have to take the development journey of Gujarat much further. Building a self-reliant and developed Gujarat is to contribute to building a self-reliant and developed India.

    The Chief Minister expressed his confidence that all the Gujaratis will work together for all round development.

    It is worth to mention here that Prime Minister inaugurated Sabarmati-Jagudan gauge conversion at a cost of 511 crores at Mehsana,  Dedicated ONGC-Nandasan surface facility at a cost of 335 crores, dedicated pipeline project for conveyance of water from Sujlam Suflam Spading Canal (Kherwa) to Shigoda Lake (Visnagar) at a cost of Rs.108 crores, dedicated Dharoi Dam based Vadnagar Group-Kheralu Group and Dharoi Group improvement project at a cost of 39.83 crores, dedicated four-lane Becharaji-Modhera-Chanasma Marg project at a cost of 26.50 crores, Project launch of new building construction of Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration Regional Hostel at a cost of 23.50 crores, Unjha-Dasaj-Opera-Kalol road widening project launched at a cost of 22 crores.

    Health Minister Shri. Rushikesh Patel, MP Shri C. R. Patil, former Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitinbhai Patel, MLAs, dignitaries and a large number of citizens were present.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat