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PM inaugurates ‘Centre-State Science Conclave’ in Ahmedabad via video conferencing

    Chief Minister, Union Minister of Science and Technology, Science and Technology Ministers-Secretaries of the States-Union Territories of the country participates


    Prime Minister:

    • Science is like that energy in the development of 21st century India, which has the power to accelerate the development of every region and state
    • Role of India’s science and people related to this field is very important in the march towards the fourth industrial revolution
    • New India is moving forward with Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan as well as Jai Anusandhan
    • Science is the basis of solutions, evolution and innovation
    • When we celebrate the achievements of our scientists, science becomes part of our society and culture
    • As governments, we have to cooperate and collaborate with our scientists, this will create an atmosphere of a scientific modernity


    Gandhinagar, Saturday:  Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the ‘Centre-State Science Conclave’ in Ahmedabad via video conferencing. He highlighted that the organisation of this conclave is a clear example of Sabka Prayas. The Prime Minister remarked “Science is like that energy in the development of 21st century India, which has the power to accelerate the development of every region and the development of every state. Today, when India is moving towards leading the fourth industrial revolution, the role of India’s science and people related to this field is very important. In such a situation, the responsibility of people in administration and policy making increases significantly.”

    The Prime Minister emphasized that Science is the basis of solutions, evolution and innovation. And, it is with this inspiration, that today’s new India is moving forward with Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan as well as Jai Anusandhan.

    Commenting on the lessons that we can learn from history that will help both the centre and the states, the Prime Minister said if we remember the early decades of the last century, we find how the world was going through a period of devastation and tragedy. But even in that era, whether it was about the East or the West, scientists everywhere were engaged in their great discovery. In the West, scientists like Einstein, Fermi, Max Planck, Niels Bohr, and Tesla were dazzling the world with their experiments. In the same period, many scientists including CV Raman, Jagdish Chandra Bose, Satyendranath Bose, Meghnad Saha, and S Chandrashekhar were bringing their new discoveries to the fore. The Prime Minister underlined the difference between the East and West as we were not giving due recognition to the work of our scientists.

    The Prime Minister pointed out that when we celebrate the achievements of our scientists, science becomes part of our society, it becomes part of the culture. Shri Modi also requested everybody to celebrate the achievements of the scientists of our country. “Scientists are giving ample reasons to the country to celebrate them.” He lauded the role of Indian scientists in developing the Corona vaccine and contributing to the world’s biggest vaccine drive.

    The Prime Minister reiterated that the government is working with the thinking of Science-Based Development. “Since 2014, there has been a substantial increase in investment in the field of science and technology. Due to the efforts of the government, today India is ranked 46th in the Global Innovation Index, whereas in 2015, India was at number 81”, the Prime Minister added. He acknowledged the record number of patents being registered in the country. He also noted the climate of innovation and a vibrant startup ecosystem.

    The Prime Minister pointed out that “inclination for science, technology and innovation is in the DNA of our young generation. We need to support this young generation with full strength.” The Prime Minister listed new sectors and missions in the field of research and innovation to support the innovative spirit of the youth. He gave examples of Space Mission, National Supercomputing Mission, semiconductor mission, Mission Hydrogen and drone technology. Similarly, NEP is promoting this by providing Science and technology education in the mother tongue.

    The Prime Minister highlighted that in order to make India a global centre of research and innovation in this Amrit Kaal, we have to work on many fronts simultaneously. He stressed the need to take science and technology-related research to the local level. He asked states to promote research and innovation as per their local needs. The Prime Minister remarked that innovation can be encouraged by laying emphasis on the creation of more and more scientific institutions and simplification of processes by the state governments. He further added that the number of innovation labs should also be increased in the institutions of higher education in the states. He also asked every state to lay down modern policy regarding Science, innovation and technology.

    “As governments, we have to more and more cooperate and collaborate with our scientists; this will create an atmosphere of a scientific modernity”.

    The Prime Minister stressed that the states should take full advantage of the ability and expertise of many national-level scientific institutes, and national laboratories that are present. “We also have to take our science-related institutions out of the state of silos for optimum utilization of scientific institutions and expertise”.

    The Prime Minister asked for science promotion events at the grassroots level. He also advised the state Science Ministers to share good practices and aspects of their science curriculum. He expressed the belief that the ‘State-Centre Science Conclave’ will add a new dimension and resolve toward the progress of Science in the country. The Prime Minister also urged everyone to not let any opportunity slip in the field of science and technology. “The coming 25 years are the most important years for India as it will determine the new identity and strength of India to come”, the Prime Minister said. The Prime Minister also urged the participants to take the learnings from this conclave to their states and contribute toward nation-building.

    Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel expressed his gratitude that under the guidance and inspiration of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi such a conclave is organized in the county for the first time. Holistic approach based on science and technology will be important in the goal given by the Prime Minister to make India a developed nation in the Amrit Kaal.

    In this context, he expressed the belief that the two-day collective brainstorming of science and technology ministers of various states and union territories of the country in Science City would be beneficial.

    The state government is constantly adding new dimensions to spread science technology to the general public in the Prime Minister’s dream project, Science City. As a result, approximately 12 lakh people have visited Science City in a year, CM added.

    Under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Gujarat has announced many policies and has become policy driven state.

    CM also gave the role of the state government which taking new initiatives like IT and ITES policy, Semiconduct policy, Drone policy, Biotechnology policy. He said that the government is building a knowledge-based science technology ecosystem to give new opportunities to the youth regarding science technology and innovation.

    Union Minister of Science and Technology Shri Jitendra Singh said that India’s overwhelming inclusion in the world’s three largest startup ecosystems. With the foresight of the Prime Minister, the Science Conclave has been organised. Such conventions will be held in different states.

    There were 3500 startups in the country, the number of which has reached 75 thousand under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi. Young scientists will be encouraged, so that the youth can devote themselves to nation building with full energy.

    The visionary Prime Minister of India has always given priority to science, technology and research. We are grateful to the Hon’ble Prime Minister for being present at the inaugural function of this two-day ‘Centre State Science Conclave’ today. Technology has reached every home today as part of the historic decisions of the Prime Minister.

    During the Prime Minister’s tenure, the space department was opened for public private participation. As a part of which today this department is preparing for ‘Gaganayan’. Today the Department of Atomic Energy is setting up a new organization through a joint venture. During the tenure of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, the Department of Biotechnology discovered the world’s first DNA vaccine and made it available worldwide. The Ministry of Earth Sciences has launched a ‘Deep Ocean’ mission to explore the immense resources of the ocean along India’s 7500 km long coastline.

    Minister of Education and Science-Technology Shri Jitubhai Vaghani said that the two day ‘Centre State Science Conclave’ is being held for the first time and it is a matter of pride for Gujarat to be held in Gujarat. Gujarat has always taken new initiatives which are being emulated by other states and countries. Science City is the largest science centre in the world. This is the dream project of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. I request all the Ministers of Science and Technology to visit the various projects of Science City.

    Science and Technology Innovation STI Vision 2047 relevant brainstorming sessions have been organized in this two-day conclave.

    In the science conclave Secretary of Central Department of Science and Technology Dr. S. Chandrasekhar, Gujarat Chief Secretary Shri. Pankajkumar, Secretary, Gujarat Science and Technology Department Mr. Vijay Nehra, NITI Aayog Member of Science Shri V. K. Srivastava, Executive Director of Science City, he Ministers of Science and Technology of more than eight states and senior officials of the Department of Science and Technology of various states were present.

    Apart from this, well-known scientists of the country, experts in the field of science and technology, young scientists enthusiastically participating in this conclave. A huge exhibition of scientific startups has also been organized in this conclave.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat