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PM launches country’s largest schooling-Mission Schools of Excellence at Trimandir, Adalaj

    launches country’s largest schooling- Mission Schools of Excellence at Trimandir, Adalaj, Gujarat

    Prime Minister inspects the Schools of Excellence model in the Dadanagar campus

    Mission Schools of Excellence operate with an approach of Skill, Scale and Speed

    Gujarat’s Mission Schools of Excellence- A monumental step towards the creation of the Amrit generation for the Amrit Kaal – Prime Minister
    Shri Narendra Modi

    Motivating presence of Governor Shri Acharya Devvrat, Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel and Education Minister Shri Jitu Vaghani

    Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi :-
    • Innovation in education is in Gujarat’s DNA
    • The Vidya Samiksha Kendra of Gujarat has become a model for studies for other states as well
    • 5G connectivity will bring a radical change in the education sector in the coming days
    • From Mission School of Excellence, the education system of more than 20 thousand schools of the state will enter the 5G network
    • Education has been the cornerstone of India’s development since ancient times, this is a golden opportunity to restore the ancient glory in the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

    Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel :-
    • Kanya Kelavani Mahotsav, Shala Praveshotsav and Gunotsav started in the state by Shri Narendra Modi mark a new milestone for the education system of the country
    • The foundation of building a developed India in Amrit Kaal has been laid by the Prime Minister with the Mission School of Excellence
    • Mission School of Excellence will revolutionize education in the country

    • Inauguration of the country’s largest school education mission across the state
    • Rs. 10,000 crore school education mission
    • Consolidation of all 40,000 government schools, out of which 20,000 schools will become Schools of Excellence
    • World class facilities in schools, benefiting all students, teacher per grade, classroom per grade
    • In the first phase Rs. 5,567 crore of works commenced
    • 1.5 lakh smart classrooms, 20,000 computer labs, 5000 STEM laboratories (Atal Tinkering Labs) will be created
    • Infrastructural works under progress for 3,991 schools for construction of 12,564 classrooms in tribal populated districts

    Gandhinagar, Wednesday: The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched Mission Schools of Excellence at Trimandir, Adalaj in the presence of Governor Shri Acharya Devvrat and Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi while inaugurating the country’s biggest school education campaign – Mission Schools of Excellence, said that Mission Schools of Excellence is a giant step of Gujarat towards the creation of Amrit generation for the Amrit Kaal India. This Mission School of Excellence will prove a milestone for building a developed India, a developed Gujarat.

    Referring to 5G technology, the Prime Minister said that recently the country has entered the era of 5G technology of mobile and internet. India has been a user of Internet services from 1G to 4G. But now the 5G technology being implemented in the country will bring a big change. This view was expressed by the Prime Minister.

    More than 20 thousand schools are entering the 5G phase of education through Mission Schools of Excellence. Under that, 50 thousand new class rooms, more than one lakh smart classrooms will be developed in a modern style, which will work towards bringing a comprehensive change in the lives of children along with the modern infrastructure of the state education system. As a result of virtual education system through 5G technology, education will be made available by the best teachers in remote areas of the state. Stating that it has become possible to deliver the best content of education in real time even to the children of the remote parts of the state, the Prime Minister expressed the hope that the needs of Anagnwadis to career guidance and preparation for competitive exams in the state will be fulfilled through Mission School of Excellence.

    The Prime Minister further added that with every generation of change in technology, we have connected lifestyles. We are also witnessing the changes in the country’s schools with different generations. Today, 5G smart facilities, smart teaching, will take the education system to a different level beyond the classroom, the power of virtual reality, internet of things will make the students experience the easiest and best education system in the school itself, he added.

    Talking about the memories of Shala Praveshotsav, Kanya kelavani Mahotsav and Gunotsav, the Prime Minister said that there have been unprecedented changes in the education sector in Gujarat in two decades. In 20 years, the enrollment ratio of students in Gujarat’s schools has increased immensely, while the dropout ratio has become negligible. Two decades ago even tribal areas had few centers of education which lacked even science facilities, but today as a result of gradual changes and renovations in the state education system, along with sons, daughters in the state are getting higher education up to school and college. Stating that it has been decided to build more than 14,500 PM-SHRI schools at a cost of Rs. 27 thousand crores across the country, the Prime Minister added that the central government is working towards building model schools for education in accordance with the new education policy in technology-rich schools in all corners of the country.

    Mentioning that India has resolved to eliminate the mentality of slavery in the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, the Prime Minister said that efforts have been made to make medical, technical and higher education available in the mother tongue or Indian languages in the New Education Policy. As a result, the students living in the interior areas of the country will get medium to showcase their talent and doctors and engineers from all corners of the country will be employed in the country’s service

    The Prime Minister gave a historical reference to education and said that since ancient times, education has been the backbone of India’s development. Our forefathers created a distinct identity in knowledge and science. The best universities of the world were available in India. Even today, the country has a distinct identity across the world in innovation and knowledge science. He added that this is a golden opportunity to restore the ancient dignity in the dying days of independence.

    Appreciating the Vidya Samiksha Kendra recently started by Gujarat, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said that the modern form of the Vidya Samiksha Kendra has proved to be a model for other states of the country. Today, Education Ministers, officials from various states and regions of the country have visited this review center and are reviewing and studying the entire procedure.

    1.25 crore students of the state are being reviewed under the initiative of the Vidya Samiksha Kendra with an innovative experiment to get real-time information about the education system in the state. Moreover, by studying with big data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence technology, giving suggestions for the best performance of the students. Implementation is being done. Stating that it is in the DNA of Gujarat to adopt a new approach and experiment in the field of education, he said that Gujarat has made efforts to make pre-school education up-to-date through various innovative experiments like the establishment of Teachers’ Institute, Children’s University.

    Stating that a decade ago, education system became an integral part of Gujarat through television in 15 thousand schools and computer aided learning labs in more than 20 thousand schools, the Prime Minister added that today more than 1 crore students and more than 4 lakh students of the state by advancing technological approach in the education sector. Attendance of teachers is being completed online.

    On this occasion, Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel said that today is a historic day for the education world of Gujarat. The foundation of building a developed India in the Amrit kaal has been laid by the Prime Minister with this Mission School of Excellence. E-Khatmahurat is being done today by the Prime Minister, its proper implementation will start soon, he added.

    The Chief Minister further added that this Mission School of Excellence will open new horizons of development and mark new milestones in the education sector with the help of modern technology like 5G. The Chief Minister expressed the hope that the Mission School of Excellence will bring an education revolution in the country. Recalling the solid work done by Shri Narendra Modi in the education sector as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he said that the efforts and efforts made by Shri Narendra for the development of the education sector in Gujarat have set the direction for the country. At the foundation of Gujarat’s global reputation and fame in the field of education lies Shri Narendra Modi’s commitment and hard work for the bright future of children and youth.

    Under the leadership of Shri Narendra, the foundation of education in the state has been strengthened with new experiments such as Kanya Kelavani, Praveshotsav, Gunotsav, etc., as a result of which the school dropout ratio, which was as high as 37% today, has reduced to 2-3%. There were only 27 universities in Gujarat, today there are 102 universities in the state, including some specialized universities, he added. Referring to the implementation of the new education policy, the Chief Minister said that recently in Madhya Pradesh medical education was started in Hindi, the days are not far when medical and engineering higher education in Gujarat too will be started in mother tongue.

    Education Minister Shri Jitu Vaghni said that by preserving the Sanskruti-Sanskar, we all have to do the work of education in a scientific manner. He further said that when the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of the state, he started the Shala Praveshotsav increase the scope of education and create awareness. Also, parents have also been involved in education work by forming SMC committee in schools.

    Minister Shri Jitu Vaghani said that the country’s largest comprehensive schooling Mission Schools of Excellence has been started for Gujarat by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Under this program, it is aimed to bring holistic change in schools through speed and scale in the next 4-5 years. The minister added that currently, works of 8,000 classrooms and 20,000 other facilities in 7,000 schools at a cost of Rs 1,650 crore are under progress. Further, a total 13,500 classrooms in more than 4,000 schools at a cost of more than Rs. 2,881 crores and other complexes such as hostels, Jilla Shikshan Talim Bhavan, Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, etc. will start soon. Among the above, infrastructure works are being undertaken for 3,991 schools for construction of 12,564 classrooms in tribal populated districts. Out of them, for the construction of 4,340 classrooms in 1,386 schools, Rs. 700 crore works have been initiated.

    He further said that to provide digital infrastructure in over 11,000 schools including over 23,000 smart classrooms, Rs. 286 crore works are under progress. Further, to provide over 6,000 computer labs with over 90,000 computers, More than Rs. 375 crore works are under progress. Also to provide 30,000 smart classrooms in over 15,000 schools, Works worth over Rs 350 crore will also be started soon.

    The program was attended by people associated with the education sector including State Education Minister Shri Kuber Dindor, Minister Shri Kirtisinh Vaghela, MLA Shri Shambhuji Thakor, Mayor Shri Hitesh Makwana, Gandhinagar District Panchayat President Shri Dilip Patel.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat