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President, Gujarat Governor and CM attends Gujarat University’s 66th Convocation ceremony

56,159 students awarded Degree

For the 1st time in the history of Gujarat University Presidents attends Convocation Ceremony

Dr. Abdul Kalam Space Scientist and Mr. Narendra Modi Social Scientist: Mr. Kovind

Students Build Knowledge in University and take it forward: Mr. Kohli

New ideas gained from knowledge enable’s students to take the challenge of the world: Mr. Rupani 


Gandhinagar, January 21, 2017: President of India Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, Governor of Gujarat Mr. O. P. Kohli and Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Vijay Rupani today attended the 66th Convocation of Gujarat University being held at Gujarat University Convention centre. It is for the First time in the History of Gujarat University that President of India attends the Convocation Ceremony.

President of India Mr. Ram Nath Kovind said that, it is a matter of pride and joy for the country that Ahmedabad has got the title of World Heritage City by UNESCO for the first time. National Chief’s from China, Japan and Israel have been to Ahmedabad in recent times. The dignitaries visiting here get influenced by the culture and the Heritage City Ahmedabad. The atmosphere of development also attracts them.

Mr. Kovind compared and said that as Dr. Abdul Kalam is a space scientist the same way Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi is like the Social Scientist and it a matter for pride that Mr. Modi was a student of Gujarat University and Dr. Kalam has done research for two years in this university. Both of these are personalities from the common family and have reached at this height, and he invited the students to get inspired from both. This is a suitable opportunity for the students to determine their goal and achieve so much height that even these great dignitaries will be left behind, he added encouraging the students.

Remembering Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and Dr. Kasturirangan he said that, Self-employment has been the culture of Gujarat, which is the main reason for the development of Gujarat. Mr. Modi is also creating flexible atmosphere for the students to come ahead through campaign like Start-up and Stand-up India and students should also take this opportunity quick, he added.

Mr. Kovind expressed his joy to see more number of girls receiving medals from boys and said that, there is real women empowerment in the country. He addressed softly, “If this continues, then it is also possible that instead of women, youth will have to ask for reservation.” He blessed the student with best wishes for brighter future and gave them inspiration to visit the symbol of Democracy Rastrapati Bhavan.

Governor of Gujarat Mr. O. P. Kohli said that India is considered today as a developing nation, but But it is essential that India become a leader in the direction of a developed nation with youths knowledge from universities. The function of universities is to create knowledge and to spread the knowledge in the society. He urged students to achieve global height to our universities.

Education will remove the disparity and poverty from the country and employment will be generated. He urged to take forward the youths who have left behind in the run of development.

Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Vijay Rupani said that, Gujarat University is a 68 year old university which has given many distinguished dignitaries to the society He called upon to utilize the knowledge obtained from the University for building a new developed India. The foundation of Gujarat University has laid the foundation of education and has speeded throughout the state.

Chancellor of Gujarat University Mr. Himanshu Pandya said,Gujarat University has gifted the society of many distinguished dignitaries. Who decorate their fields with their knowledge. He expressed his hope that students from Gujarat University will also join in the development of the nation.

In the 66th Convocation ceremony of Gujarat University, total 56,159 students were conferred degrees out of which total of 242 medals were awarded to 135 students who performed outstanding in various fields. In which a student of Law Faculty was awarded the highest 10 medals in law field. Graduates from 16,262 in BA, 7,473 in BSc, 186 in Engineering, 1023 In Law, 1,096 in medical, 25903 in, 90 in Dental and 4126 students in teaching faculty were awarded with degrees.

On the occasion Wife of President Savita Kovind, Education Minister Mr. Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, Principal secretary Mrs. Anju Sharma, Registrar of Gujarat University Mr. P. M. Patel, senior Officials, Dean’s, teachers of various faculties and students were remained present.

Source : Gujarat Information Bureau

Source: Information Department, Gujarat