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Prime Minister virtually addresses 14th Maha-Patotsav of Umiya Mata Temple at Gathila

    “Along with spiritual dimension, centres of faith play a major role in spreading social consciousness”- PM

    The goal of self-reliant Gujarat, self-reliant India will be achieved through natural farming: Chief Minister Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel

    Umadham Gathila’s 14th Maha-Patotsav concluded under the chairmanship of CM


    Gandhinagar, Sunday: The 14th Maha-Patotsav of Umadham Gathila was held under the chairmanship of Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed through video conference.

    Shri Modi said that, let us all resolve for water conservation, deepening and cleaning the lake before monsoon every year. Let us all turn to natural farming and save the earth from chemicals.

    PM recalled the days when he had an opportunity to attend the Umadham Ganthila’s Pran Pratishtha Mahotsav held in 2008. The Prime Minister expressed happiness that apart from being important place of spiritual and divine importance, Umiya Mata Temple at Gathila has become a place of social consciousness and tourism. By the grace of Maa Umiya, said the Prime Minister, society and devotees have undertaken many great tasks.

    The Prime Minister noted that as a devotee of Maa Umiya, it is not possible for people to cause any damage to the mother earth. As we do not feed unnecessary medicines to our mother, we should not use unnecessary chemicals on our land too, he said. He talked about measures to preserve land area like water preservation schemes like per drop more crop. He recalled the Jan Andolan undertaken during his tenure as Chief Minister of the state. He said we cannot afford to relax on the movement of water preservation. He also said that mother earth needs to be protected from chemicals. He reiterated the need to promote natural farming.

    The Prime Minister also reiterated the importance of the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav and Amrit Kaal. He asked the gathering to raise the awareness and resolve about the shape of the society, village and the country in their hearts. He also stressed his vision of 75 Amrit Sarovars in every district. He said that for the people of Gujarat who had made thousands of check dams, this should not be too big a task but the impact of this effort will be huge. He asked this task to be completed before 15 August, 2023. He asked for social movement for this. He said that social consciousness should be the moving force.

    The Prime Minister also expressed happiness that by the grace of the Maa Umiya and other deities and by the efforts of the government, gender ratio improved and BetiBachao movement showed good result. He noted that a large number of girls from Gujarat are representing the country in Olympics. He also emphasized the need to be active against malnutrition among children and girls. He emphasized the need to take special care of nutrition of the expecting mothers. Pain of malnutrition needs to be completely eradicated, he stressed.  Shri Modi asked for healthy baby competition in the villages by the temple trust. He also requested for coaching classes for poor students, spaces and halls of the temple can also be used for yoga camps and classes, he said.

    Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel said that, the celebration of Amrut Mahotsav of 75th Independence leads to the experience of Surajya and Ram Rajya. He added that faith, service and devotion are identity of Patidars. We are able to find a way out of any difficult situation. He called for back to basics with fertilizer free farming. We resolve to adopt natural farming from now on.

    Shri Patel said that Umiyadham Mahapatotsav is an opportunity not only for Dharmotsav but also for the motherland. Patidars who are devotees of Umiya stick to faith, service and devotion. Patidars have a prominent identity all over the world. Patidars are hardworking people who extract water from stones. Patidars spread all over the world but never forgot the debt of the motherland.

    Shri Patel requested all the Patidars present to pay the debt of the motherland. So far we have been cultivating using chemical fertilizers. Eating such food grains has ruined our health and the health of mother earth has also been ruined by chemical fertilizers. Our Prime Minister has made a call for Back to Basic to improve the health of Mother Earth and make human life healthier.

    CM further said that all the Patidar families who have come to Umiyamata should resolve today that from now on they will adopt natural farming. We will be able to give a healthy life to the next generation by making natural farming based on cows. It is certain that this natural farming will lead to Aatma Nirbhar. The goal of self-reliant Gujarat, self-reliant India can be achieved through self-reliant agriculture.

    Union Agriculture Minister Shri Parsottambhai Rupala in his address said that, while the world is still battling the epidemic, we have given 185 crore doses of Corona vaccine. Our Prime Minister has always resolved issues and problems affecting the society with the cooperation of all.

    Addressing a large crowd at Umadham Ganthila, Junagadh district in-charge and Tourism Minister Shri Arvindbhai Raiani said that Patidar community is constantly at the forefront in raising social consciousness.

    On this occasion, a total donation of Rs. 1.13 crore was also announced by the donors of Patidar Samaj for the construction of Umadham Phase-2.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat