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CM virtually launches ‘Purnashakti Holistic Wellness Centre’ at Chaparda, Junagadh

Ahmedabad: In the backdrop of currently prevalent world-wide ‘Corona’ pandemic situation, Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani today termed ‘Kudarati Upchar Kendra’ – Purnashakti Holistic Wellness Centre as “The Right Time for the Right Job”.

The Chief Minister stated this after virtually launching “Purnashakti Holistic Wellness Centre” (PHWC) ‘at Chaparda in Junagadh district, from Gandhinagar.

The Chief Minister categorically stated that the commencement of this PHWC will be very helpful in providing good health to people of Junagadh-Saurashtra region.

This PHWC, initiated with the inspirations and blessings from Saint Shri Muktanand Bapu, will become “One-Stop Solution” as it is going to provide healings to the patients through ancient medical system of Ayurveda, Yoga, Dhyana (Meditation), Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Physiotherapy and other natural healing systems, Mr. Rupani added.

For physical wellbeing — the cleansing of soul and thoughts have been given equal importance in the Indian culture, the Chief Minister said and added that as a result our Rishies and Munis have invented a combine healing system comprising of “Dava and Duva” (Medications and Blessings), therefore, compared to the Western culture, we are emphasizing on “Health Assurance rather than Health Insurance”.

Mr. Rupani further stated that to curb the upward surge of transition of ‘Covid-19’ in Gujarat, the state government has emphasized on ‘Testing, Tracing and Treatment’. We are vaccinating the maximum number of citizens in Gujarat. Beside this, the state government is constantly making efforts to enhance the scope of Ayurvedic Colleges and acceptance of our ancient healing system.

The event was also attended by Mahant Shri Shernath Bapu of Gorakshnath Ashram, Mahant Shri Vijay Bapu of Sattadhar Dham, Mahant Shri Sadanand Bapu, Mahant Shri Bharati Bapu, Mr. Kiritbhai Patel — BJP President (Junagadh District), Mr. Kamlesh Dhandhar – Director of PWHC, CEO Dr. Saurabh Trivedi and others.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat