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Rajya-Swagat online public grievance redressal program takes place in the presence of CM

    Gandhinagar, Thursday: Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel has urged the district administration authorities to bring immediate solutions to the grievances – presentations of people at the local level.

    In this regard, he clearly stated that such grievances of the applicants-citizens should be solved at district level itself so that they do not have to reach out to the state level for their grievances to be solved.

    The Chief Minister gave guidance to the concerned District Collectors for redressal of the submissions made at “Rajya-Swagat” Online Public Grievance Redressal Program.

    “Rajya-Swagat” program is held on the fourth Thursday of every month where Chief Minister listens to the grievances of the citizens and provides them with necessary solutions.


    CM attends public grievance redressal program and listens to the public grievances

    CM urges the district administration authorities to solve the grievances- representations of people right away

    Out of 3584 representations received in Gram-Taluka-District and State Swagat in March at “Rajya – Swagat”, around 2730 were solved promptly


    As many as five presentations were presented before the Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel in the “Rajya – Swagat” program held this Thursday.

    Taking some time out from the ongoing budget session of the Legislative Assembly, the Chief Minister attended the “Rajya-Swagat”program.

    Not only that, He listened to the applicants patiently and gave necessary instructions to the District Collectors for redressal of their representations.

    He clearly stated that, By listening to the grievances presented through digital media and to solve the problems of the citizens in a smooth manner organizing district-taluka-village “Swagat” is necessary.

    Applicants from Morbi, Banaskantha, Botad, Surendranagar and Mehsana districts came up with their presentations before Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel at “Rajya-Swagat”on Thursday, 23rd March.

    The Chief Minister held a video conference with the concerned District Collectors regarding this grievances of the citizens and obtained the details for which he provided appropriate guidance and necessary action to resolve the same.

    Apart from this, he also gave instructions to the district collectors to conduct a survey of the damage caused by unseasonal rain.

    It is worth mentioning here that, Out of the 3584 representations received from the state, district, taluka and village at “Rajya – Swagat” program for the month of March, around 2730 were provided solutions promptly.

    Chief Principal Secretary to CM Shri Kailashnathan and senior secretaries of the concerned departments as well as the Chief Minister’s office also participated in this “Rajya – Swagat” program.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat