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Rs.25 lakh in case of death on duty of employees engaged in curbing COVID-19: CM

    Chief Minister of the state Mr. Vijay Rupani has announced a number pro-active decisions for government employees engaged in the work related to curbing the spread of COVID-19 across the length and breadth of the state.

    One of the major decisions was the assistance of Rs.25 lakh per employee in case of demise on duty while working for COVID-19. This assistance is applicable to police personnel, employees of municipal corporation and municipalities, health and sanitation workers, employees of revenue department and employees of department of food and civil supplies and vendors of fair price shops approved by the state government.

    Taking this forward, the CM has decided to include contract based employees, those on fixed salary and all other employees engaged with government for the work related to COVID-19 for the assistance.

    Providing details of the essential items available in the state, Secretary to CM Mr. Ashwani Kumar said, “ 198.80 lakh litres of milk has been made available. This also includes 6.25 lakh laters of milk from those cattle bearers who are not a member of any co-operatives or groups. 46.44 lakh litres of milk has been distributed on Tuesday (7-4-20). 1 lakh 14 thousand 166 quintals of vegetables and 20806 quintals of fruits are available in the state. This includes 25,152 quintals of potatoes, 19,968 quintals of onions, 11,215 quintals of tomatoes, and 57, 829 quintals of green leafy vegetables. The fruits include 1157 quintals fo apples, 1466 quintals of bananas, and 18182 quintals of other fruits.

    57 lakh 45 thousand food packets have been distributed with the co-operation of voluntary organisation in order to ensure the provision of meals to the aged, elderly and those living alone amidst the lockdown.

    4609 calls have been received on the state helpline number 1070 and 20790 calls have been received on the district helpline number 1077.

    The Secretary called for effective implementation of lockdown and appealed the citizens to follow the rules in order to curb COVID-19 in Gujarat.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat