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On ‘Dussehra’ festival CM performs traditional ‘Sastra Poojan’

    As per the tradition, Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani, along with his security personnel, performed customary ‘Sastra Poojan’ (arms poojan) on the occasion of ‘Dussehra’ in Gandhinagar, today.

    Terming the festival of ‘Vijayadashami’ as ‘A Victory of Truth over Untruth and Victory of Divine Forces over Evil Forces’, the Chief Minister said that in the present scenario, the performing ‘Sastra Poojan’ of the modern weaponries is to strengthen the sentiment that our Gujarat should become safe and secure.

    Mr. Rupani further stated that to meet the demands of present time, the state government has setup latest communication and weaponries for enhancing the safety and security in Gujarat.

    He also recalled that the poojan of weaponries was initiated in Gujarat by current Prime Minister Mr. Narendrabhai Modi, when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat; and we have continued this tradition since then to till the date

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat