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The state government is committed to fulfil Prime Minister’s vision of Sauna Saath-Sauna Vikas-Sauna Vishwas: – Guj CM

    In Vavaniya of Morbi, CM Shri Bhupendra Patel dedicates visitor’s facilitation works worth Rs 3 crore and healthcare related works of Rs 2.48 crore at Ahir Samaj’s Matrushri Rambai place 

    Presence of Chief Minister in the traditional 17th Patotsav: –

    Visit of Shrimad Rajchandra Janam Bhuvan-Birth place of Shrimad Rajchandraji, the spiritual guru of Gandhiji


    -:Chief Minister: –

    • The growth engine of the country’s development – Gujarat forward at a faster pace through development with the cooperation of all sections of society and the guidance of the Prime Minister
    • The mainstay of society’s development is education-health and security
    • Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi’s call to improve the health of the land by adopting cow based-natural farming-to build a healthy human life-healthy future generation


    Gandhinagar, Tuesday: Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel while inaugurating the development works of tourist facilities at Ahir Samaj-run Matrushri Rambaima space in Vavaniya, Morbi, clearly stated that for the development of any society, this government is committed to fulfill the mantra of Sauna Saath, Sauna Vikas, Sauna Vishwas given by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Bhai Modi.

    The Chief Minister inaugurated the newly constructed satsang hall, restaurant and kitchen at a cost of about Rs. 3 crores. Citizens were also gifted five different development works worth Rs. 2.48 crores.

    The Chief Minister virtually dedicates Vavaniya PHC renovated at a cost of Rs. 80 lakhs. In addition to the 20 bed covid ward prepared at a cost of Rs. 35 lakhs, a PSA plant with a capacity of 250 LPM at Madya Miyana community health center at a cost of Rs. 38.50 lakhs, a PSA plant was also set up at Tankara Community Health Center. E-dedication of 50 bed covid ward constructed at a cost of Rs. 56 lakhs.

    Shri Bhupendra Patel also gratefully noted that Matrushri Rambaima has guided the entire social life by selflessly engaging in social service works with the help and support of service works.

    In this context, he added that all sections of the society are always striving for development inspired by such saints and devotees and Saurashtra is the land of saints, heroes and donors.

    Demonstrating the readiness of the state government to provide necessary assistance for the development of the whole society, the Chief Minister explained the importance of education, health and security as the mainstays of development.

    Addressing all the present pastoralists-Ahir families of Ahir Samaj, he also added that the state government has announced Mukhyamantri Gaumata Poshan Yojana with a provision of Rs.500 crore this year.

    As a result, Gaumata of Gaushala will be safe, as well as the call of Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi to turn to natural farming-cow based farming i.e. chemical free farming will also come true in Gujarat.

    The Chief Minister also directed the state government to provide a monthly subsidy. The government pays the maintenance cost of Rs.900 and also created the Natural Agriculture Board to promote natural agriculture. The Chief Minister urged all to turn to natural farming for the betterment of healthy human life, health of future generations and also health of the soil by getting rid of chemical farming.

    He said that the state government has decided to provide demonstrations to the people-farmers for such natural farming. Shri Bhupendra Patel said that Gujarat has become the growth engine of development of the country. He also called for a Atmanirbhar Gujarat to achieve the goal of a Atmanirbhar India.

    Shri Brijesh Merja, Minister of State for Labor, Employment and Panchayats appreciated the service activities of this Matrushri Rambaima’s place run by Ahir Samaj.

    He said in his occasional address that the state government has also made plans for the holistic development of Morbi-Maliya area with continuous vigor. This year, a budget provision has also been made to benefit 1500 hectares of land from the scheme for irrigation at a cost of Rs. 38 crore.

    The Minister of State also thanked the Chief Minister for the gift of health facilities to Malia, Tankara and Vavaniya for facilitating the health and well-being of the people in the entire area.

    The President and former Minister of Ahir Samaj Shri Jawaharbhai Chavda, former Minister Shri Vasanbhai Ahir, MP Smt. Poonamben Maadam appreciated and thanked the CM Bhupendra Patel for tourist facility and healthcare development of Ahir samaj run Rambai’s place.

    The Chief Minister also visited Shrimad Rajchandra Janma Bhuvan, the birth place of Shrimad Rajchandraji, the spiritual guru of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, in Vavaniya and was grateful to know about the life and work of Shrimad Rajchandraji.

    MP Shri Mohanbhai Kundaria, Matrushri Rambaima Place’s Mahantshri Prabhudasji, Kishandasji District Panchayat Junagadh President Shantaben Khataria, Shri Raghubhai Humbal, District BJP President Durlabhajibhai Detharia, General Ministers Jayubha Jadeja, Jasangbhai Humbal, Former MLA Shri Kantibhai Amritiya, Lakhabhai Jaria, President Shri Morbi City BJP, Mahant Shri Jagannathji Maharaj, Jasubhai Haribhai Rathod, Jethabhai Ramubhai Miyatra, Ugabhai Sukhabhai Rathod, Jasangbhai Mulubhai Humbal, Punabhai Govindbhai Maiyad as well as Ahir Samaj people were present in large numbers.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat