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UM Shri Amit Shah and CM Shri Bhupendra Patel inaugurate and commence development works of AMC and AUDA

    Development works including four ponds, Pink Toilet, Community Hall, MS Pipeline, and Overhead Tank were inaugurated and commenced in the presence of Minister of State for Cooperation Shri Jagdish Vishwakarma

    Union Minister Shri Amit Shah:

    • Government of Gujarat and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation proactively delivered facilities to citizens before they felt the need to ask for them
    • Under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, four projects were successfully completed in just three months
    • Over the last fifty-two months, a total of 11,000 development projects, amounting to Rs. 17,544 crore, have been inaugurated and initiated across the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha Constituencies

    Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel:

    • Under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, priority was given to various development works that enhance the ‘Quality of Life’ and ‘Ease of Living’ of the citizens in towns and metropolises of the country
    • Narendrabhai and Amitbhai gave the goal mantra of ‘mean what you say’
    • Metro Rail is a great example of modern city development and environment friendly transportation
    • Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi truly made the cleanliness drive a public campaign
    • In the next five years, five lakh crore rupees have been allocated to infrastructure development in the state

    Union Minister of Home and Cooperation Shri Amit Shah, along with Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel, inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of public works of AMC and AUDA, totalling Rs. 1,651 crore in Ahmedabad.

    In this context, Union Minister Shri Amit Shah highlighted that under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel and the dedicated efforts of the state government and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, citizens were provided with essential amenities without having to request them. He appreciated the approach of holistic development and emphasized that not a single ward of the city is left in the gift of development works. In Gandhinagar Lok Sabha region alone, 11,000 development works worth Rs. 17,544 crore have been launched and commenced in the past fifty-two months. He expressed gratitude to the state government and congratulated the local citizens.

    Shri Amit Shah highlighted that under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, four tasks, where it would take 50 years to complete a single task, were completed within three months. He emphasized that the unprecedented organization of G20 Summit, led by the Prime Minister, garnered global acclaim. The unanimous endorsement of the Delhi Declaration was a source of immense pride for all Indians. By integrating the African Union into the G20, Shri Narendra Modi conveyed a message to the world that India is together with both developed and developing nations. Such a successful hosting of the G20 will be a challenge for other countries.

    Shri Amit Shah, while referring to Mission Chandrayaan, expressed our collective privilege in witnessing the tricolour on Chandrayaan-3. He pointed out that Shri Narendra Modi has set the goal of making ISRO the best space organization in the world and credited the Prime Minister for ISRO’s transformation.

    Shri Amit Shah emphasized that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given an ideal example of Matrushakti through Nari Shakti Vandan Act. He said that our ancient tradition of honouring women has been enshrined in law by empowering women’s participation in leadership. By passing the first bill in the newly constructed parliament, the Central Government has increased women’s recognition.

    Praising the PM Vishwakarma Yojana, Shri Amit Shah expressed that this scheme has united the artisans across more than 20 types of crafts. He said that for the first time since independence, artisans doing traditional work have been included in this scheme, which has increased the equality of people from remote areas.

    Shri Amit Shah has advocated for expanding the green cover in the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha Constituency, emphasizing the importance of increased tree plantation. He also encouraged both the youth and women to actively participate in planting and nurturing trees.

    Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel recently congratulated the AMC team for receiving awards from Hon’ble President for various projects. He expressed his appreciation for Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s leadership in prioritizing a wide range of developmental works, enhancing the ‘Quality of Life’ and ‘Ease of Living’ for citizens in towns and metropolises across the country.

    Highlighting the continuous development activities in Gujarat, the Chief Minister stated that under the guidance of Gandhinagar MP and Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah, numerous public-oriented development projects are being launched almost every week across the entire state, including the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha Constituency. He added that urban development in the state has taken a new direction with the implementation of various infrastructure facilities, such as roads, bridges, gardens, and lakes.

    Speaking about the various developments in the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha Constituency area, the Chief Minister mentioned that Shri Narendra Modi and Shri Amit Shah have advocated the mantra of ‘mean what you say’ (Kehvu Te Karvu).

    To transform the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha Constituency into one of the finest and greenest constituencies in the country, we have rapidly completed essential infrastructure development. Furthermore, he added that the vision of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat through Atmanirbhar Gujarat’ will come to fruition through comprehensive modernisation under the exceptional leadership and guidance of Shri Narendrabhai and Shri Amitbhai.

    Talking about the development of infrastructure facilities in the country and the state, the Chief Minister said that this year, a record budget of 3 lakh crore has been allocated in the history of Gujarat. In this budget, infrastructure development works have been given priority, and it is planned to spend five lakh crore rupees in the infrastructure development sector in the next five years.

    Today marks the completion of one year for the Metro Rail in Ahmedabad. The Metro Rail stands as a shining example of modern city development and environmentally friendly transportation. In the past, there was a time when the only mode of travel from the East to the West region in Ahmedabad was by AMTS buses.

    Today, facilities including BRTS and Metro are available in Ahmedabad. This modern transportation saves both time and money. He further added that one crore 86 lakh people have travelled by metro in Ahmedabad in a year, which is proof of its popularity.

    Talking about SwachhAagraha and Swachhata Abhiyan, Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel said that real urban development takes place when people’s movement for cleanliness is combined with urban development.

    Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has made the Swachhata Abhiyan a public campaign in the true sense. This year, Gandhi Jayanti will be celebrated across the country through Mahashramdan with the cleanliness mantra of ‘Ek Tareekh, Ek Ghanta, Ek Saath.’ Under the month of ‘Swachhata Hi Seva,’ Swachhata Abhiyan will be conducted in public places, including health centres, schools, and offices, through collective labour donation. With the mantra of ‘Sarvajan Hitay, Sarvajan Sukhay,’ the Chief Minister expressed confidence that Gujarat and India will achieve holistic development.

    On this occasion, Mayor Smt. Pratibha Jain expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Union Minister for Home Affairs and Cooperation Shri Amit Shah for passing the Nari Shakti Vandan Bill in Parliament during Azadi ka Amrit Kaal.

    Notably, on this occasion, several development projects by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA) were inaugurated virtually, including a Pink Toilet, an overhead tank, Lalita Govind Park in Tragad, a community hall, and an MS pipeline, along with a total of four ponds.

    Minister of State for Cooperation Shri Jagdish Vishwakarma, MPs Dr. Kirit Solanki, Shri Hasmukh Patel, Shri Narhari Amin, MLAs Shri Harshad Patel, Shri Amit Thaker, Shri Babu J. Patel, Shri Babusinh Jadav, Smt. Kanchanben Radadia, Smt. Darshanaben Vaghela, Dr. Payal Kukrani, Shri Dineshsinh Kushwaha, Shri Kaushik Jain, Mayor Smt. Pratibha Jain, Deputy Mayor Shri Jatin Patel, Standing Committee Chairman Shri Devang Dani, Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner Shri M. Thennarasan, AUDA CEO D.P. Desai, and local councillors and citizens were present in large numbers.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat