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Under ‘Mokla Mane’ programme, Guj CM holds sensible dialogues with people of nomad castes

    Under the state government’s interaction programme ‘Mokla Mane’ held with people of nomad tribes, Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani today expressed a determination to settle them permanently at a place to avail governmental schemes’ privileges and to bring into the main stream.

    This was the fourth part of the ‘Mokla Mane’ interaction series, covering 40-odd nomad tribes of the state. The Chief Minister had held nearly one-and-half hour long sensible dialogues with the participants invited at his official residence in Gandhinagar.

    Mr. Rupani categorically stated that the poor and deprived people have the first right over the resources of the state. The state government is going to assist them every possible ways to fulfil the mantra of ‘Sauno Saath, Sauno Vikas’.

    The Chief Minister emphasised that the programme is not one-way communication, but, a two-way dialogue to bring forth their problems and to resolve them. He also pointed out that within four days from the day programme organized, the concerned government officials are holding a meeting to resolve the problems presented here.

    During the programme, the nomad tribe was mainly represented by the people from fulwadi – madari, nutt, bajania, vansiya, devipujak patni, vanzara, dafer and others castes.

    Others who remained present included Mr. Manoj Agrawal, Principal Secretary (Social Justice & Rights), and others.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat