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Under the leadership of Chief Minister, a gathering of the state-level governing body of the Gujarat e-Dhara Society was convened

    The Chief Minister directed an improved focus on strengthening the utilization of cutting-edge technology for the efficient transfer of revenue services and management of e-Dhara records at the district level

    As many as 36 different services in the state have become faceless through I-ORA, the integrated online revenue application

    • More than 62 lakh digitally signed copies of 7/12, 8-A, and title deeds are provided every month.
    • More than 1.5 lakh applications are received
    • More than one crore citizens are estimated to access online revenue records via the internet each month.

    Under the Chairmanship of CM Shri Bhupendra Patel, the second meeting of the state-level governing body of Gujarat State e-Dhara Society was held in Gandhinagar. During the meeting, the Chief Minister discussed the importance of leveraging advanced technology to enhance the transparency of revenue services at the district level and fortify the management of e-Dhara records.

    The e-Dhara Society was established within the Department of Revenue with its core mission being to operate as an autonomous and independent organization at the state level. Its primary responsibility is to handle revenue-related tasks for both the Central and state governments.

    Furthermore, this state-level society is actively involved in enhancing the capabilities of district-level e-Dhara societies and is prepared to undertake e-governance projects assigned by the government or other organizations in the future.

    The society is chaired by the Chief Minister, with membership comprising the Chief Secretary, four Additional Chief Secretaries, three Secretaries, and the Revenue Inspection Commissioner serving as the Member Secretary.

    In the second meeting of the e-Dhara Society’s governing body, established in the state in 2004, a comprehensive review and discussion took place regarding the various initiatives undertaken by the Revenue Department to benefit the public and enhance the efficient implementation of e-Dhara.

    During the meeting, it was disclosed that over 62 lakh authorized service copies are issued each month through e-Dhara, directly benefiting the state’s farmers. These services include documents like village samples 7/12, and 8-A, as well as digitally signed title deeds with QR codes.

    Additionally, over one and a half lakh applications are received each month through direct contact with e-Dhara centers for making alterations to their property rights, such as mutation entries. Furthermore, the monthly count of automatic mutations processed through the online platform exceeds fifty thousand.

    The meeting also featured information about the monthly usage by over one crore citizens who benefit from accessing revenue records online via the internet.

    Furthermore, the meeting addressed the availability of 36 faceless online services, encompassing non-agricultural services, to the state’s citizens through the Integrated Online Revenue Application (I-ORA).

    Present at the meeting were Chief Secretary Shri Raj Kumar, Additional Chief Secretary for Revenue Shri M.K. Das, Additional Chief Secretary for the General Administration Department Shri Kamal Dayani, as well as senior secretaries from relevant departments.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat