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Union Home Minister launches ‘AASHVAST’ and ‘VISWAS’ project of Gujarat police for cyber security

    Union Home Minister Shri Amitbhai Shah launched ‘AASHVAST’ and ‘VISWAS’ project of Gujarat police for cyber security whit aims to prevent cyber crime and enhance cyber security. On this occasion he said In order to ensure peace and security in the society, proper compliance with the law and order is essential. As the global challenges of cybercrime have arisen in the changing times, optimal use of technology is essential to control the law and order situation. Gujarat government’s initiatives like ‘AASHVAST’ and ‘VISWAS’ project will be fruitful in this direction. Shri Amit Shah said that Gujarat has been a leader in every field. This approach was first initiated by the then Chief Minister and the then Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Under this project, everything can be monitored and analyzed for each city of state by CCTV from one place. Congratulations to the Chief Minister, Home Minister and the state police chief on this arrangement.

    Condemning the efforts of Gujarat Police in reducing crime rate, Mr. Shah said that Gujarat has the image of the safest state in the country. While global challenges have arisen in the field of cybercrime in the changing times, this project will not only be useful to curb crime in the region but will also reliably assure  people suffering from cyber crime. With the inauguration of ‘VISWAS’ project, Union Home Minister inauguration of ‘NETRAM’ Command and Control Centre.

    Talking about the Kashmir, Mr. Shah said that every citizen of the country wanted to remove Article 370 and 35A separating Kashmir from the country, but then governments did nothing in the wake of vote bank politics. But the nationalist-inspired government will forever remember the country that has removed Kashmir and made Kashmir an integral part of it. In response to the attacks of Uri and Pulwama air strikes and surgical strikes were executed. There were only two countries in the world that could strongly respond to the attacks themselves. Israel and America. Narendrabhai Modi has added a third name India by surgical strike.

    Referring to the CAA, Mr. Shah said that there was no doubt among the people of nation regarding CAA but it is tragic that efforts are being made across the country through propaganda by opposition.

    On this occasion Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani expressed the clear view that new milestones of development in Gujarat have been crossed and state has become development role model of the country only because of its safety, security and well organised law and order system. In this regard, he said that in the past, law and order of the state had gone away during the Congress rule. Nuisance of mafias and antisocial elements was increased. Since year 2001, the pair of Narendrabhai, Amitabhai have increased the morale of the police force to work hard against such antisocial elements and due to strong pressure, communal riots have become past and well organised law and order was established.

    Shri Vijaybhai Rupani added Technological advancements have been adopted in every field in Gujarat and State police force has also adopted modern technology. Gujarat Police has prepared to fight against cybercrime using the best technology in the world to meet the challenges of the time. He clearly stated that the present era is about cyber war. Criminals commit crimes with such cyber technology.

    The Chief Minister said ‘AASHVAST’ and ‘VISWAS’ project will be important tool for catching the criminals who cheats people through online cheating and cybercrime.

    The ‘VISWAS’ project will enhance the security of the people of the state and their confidence for security. The Chief Minister also said that confidence in the morale and work preparedness of the police force will be strengthened. In addition setting up 7500 cameras in the state at 1500 locations and connection with command control centre would result in immediate crime detection.

    On this occasion minister of state home affairs Mr. Pradipsinh Jadeja elaborated both projects and other projects by state government to ensure safety and security for citizen of the state.

    On this occasion Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitinbhai Patel, state MLAs, members of Parliament, Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister Shri K.K. Kailashanathan, Additional Chief Secretary of the Home Department, shri. Sangeeta Singh, Chief of the State Police Mr. Shivanand Jha, Chief Post Master General Mr. Podarji and other officers remained present.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat