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CM approves Rs. 63.37 crores for water supply works in 6 municipalities of the state

    In-principle approval for various works of water supply in Mahuva-Balasinor-Khedbrahma-Thangarh-Idar and Sikka under Swarnim Jayanti Mukhyamantri Shaheri Vikas Yojana


    Gandhinagar, Tuesday:  Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Bhupendra Patel gave in principle approval for various works of water supply of Rs. 63.37 crores in 6 municipalities of the state. He has given in-principle approval for various water supply works under Swarnim Jayanti Mukhyamantri Shaheri Vikas Yojana include 21.87 crore in Mahuva Municipality, 13.69 crore in Balasinor, 9.08 crore in Khedbrahma, 6.38 crore in Idar and 7.76 crore in Thangarh and 4.95 crore in Sikka.

    These water supply schemes are being undertaken keeping in view the population estimates of 2036 in these towns of the state. The works to be undertaken in Mahuva Municipality include 22 lakh liters of sump, Rising Main, Gravity Main, distribution system etc. At present 11 MLD of water is distributed in Mahuva from Mahi and Narmada pipelines.

    Balasinor Municipality is supplying 10.52 MLD of water from the existing source. The works of this water supply scheme for Balasinor include intake well, pumping machinery, rising main lump, pump house, distribution system etc.

    In Khedbrahma Municipality of Sabarkantha District, the scheme for providing water to the townspeople with adequate pressure mainly includes Water Collecting Chamber, Rising Main, Gravity Main, Underground Sump, Pump House and Distribution System Network etc. The works which have been approved in idar municipality of the same district include construction of high tanks in different areas, laying of pipelines and chlorination arrangement and repair of existing waste water treatment plant.

    The other two municipalities for water supply works are Sikka Municipality of Jamnagar District and Thangarh Municipality of Surendranagar. Accordingly, a new scheme has been planned in Thangarh town for drinking water network in newly developed areas and in the old village area as there is an old AC pipe network.

    The new water supply scheme will cover the operation of sump, high tank, rising main and gravity main including headwork development for the purpose of supplying water at adequate pressure in Sikka municipality.

    The works which have been given in-principle approval by the Chief Minister in these towns under Swarnim Jayanti Mukhyamantri Shaheri Vikas Yojana will have to be completed within 1 year after obtaining technical and administrative approval.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat