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Women’s group from Rajkot city and rural areas watch Vidhan Sabha proceedings. CM briefs them about Budget allocations

    A large group of women from Rajkot city and rural areas watched for themselves the proceedings of the ongoing 2020-21 Budget session of the Vidhan Sabha here today.

    They also met the Chief Minister Vijay Rupani in a group at the podium. Mr. Rupani explained to them in simple language how the people’s representatives raise the issues of public interests in the Assembly and debate in the temple of democracy. He also briefed them about the government’s women’s welfare schemes and how Budget allocations are made for different heads.

    Minister of State for Women and Child Welfare Vibhawariben Dave, Mrs Anjaliben Rupani and MLA were present during the meeting. Visit of women from different areas of the state are arranged in a phased manner during the
    working hours of the Vidhan Sabha.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat