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Chief Minister inaugurates Narmada Main Canal-Based Matpur Brahmanwada lift irrigation scheme

    18 Villages in Mehsana and Patan to receive direct irrigation benefits through 14.70 km pipeline

    E-Inauguration of newly constructed Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Town Hall in Unjha at a cost of Rs 8.15 crores

    Chief Minister:-

    The government is and will continue to stand by the farmers, demonstrating its unwavering dedication to fostering a developed India by cultivating a prosperous Gujarat.

    The state government remains perpetually vigilant, equipped with current preparedness to tackle forthcoming challenges.

    Inspiring presence of Health Minister Shri Rishikesh Patel and Water Supply Minister Shri Kunvarji Bavaliya

    Gandhinagar, August 31, 2023: Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel inaugurated the Narmada Main Canal-Based Matpur Brahmanwada lift irrigation scheme worth Rs 67.69 crores.

    This initiative will bring advanced irrigation to 3,705 acres across 18 villages in Mehsana and Patan districts. The scheme involves pumping water through a 14.70 km pipeline at a height of 57 meters. The Chief Minister praised Gujarat’s progressive development approach and credited Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for India’s growing global prominence. He described the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 as a significant chapter in India’s achievements.

    During this event, Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel urged everyone to dedicate themselves to constructing a developed India through a developed Gujarat. He affirmed that the government has consistently stood by the farmers and will continue to support them.

    He further stated that the state government has taken the decision to ensure a continuous supply of ten hours of electricity for agricultural purposes and to release water into the canals for irrigation as needed. This measure aims to prevent agricultural activities and farmers from enduring hardships in the event of insufficient rainfall.

    The Chief Minister emphasized that the state government is well-prepared to tackle future challenges. He highlighted that development initiatives are planned with a vision to address future requirements. He also regarded the construction of 75 Amrit Sarovars in each district as a crucial endeavour for effective water storage.

    On this occasion, the Chief Minister stated that the conservation of the environment should also hold significance alongside developmental projects. In order to address issues like global warming and pollution, the value of water storage and tree plantation should be recognized. He advocated for the control of single-use plastic usage and highlighted the importance of the ongoing Mission LiFE campaign led by the Prime Minister across the country.

    The Chief Minister remarked that the state government maintains a continuous effort to ensure the implementation of development plans for the underserved populations in remote regions. Acknowledging the significance of people’s involvement in the state’s development journey, he emphasized the importance of the principles: “Sauno Sath, Sauno Vikas, Sauno Vishwas, Sauno Prayas.” He also called upon everyone to be resolute during the auspicious phase of the nation’s transformative era, “Amrit Kaal,” and contribute to the construction of a developed India through dedicated action.

    The Chief Minister digitally inaugurated the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Town Hall in Unjha, a project undertaken at a cost of Rs 8 crore. During this event, the Chief Minister was felicitated by several social organizations.

    Health Minister Shri Rushikesh Patel stated that a visionary initiative of Rs. 69 crore has facilitated the arrival of Mother Narmada’s blessings upon this soil. The government, guided by the Prime Minister and led by the Chief Minister, is diligently engaged in the noble mission of revitalizing the land in North Gujarat and fostering the prosperity of our farmers.

    Health Minister Rushikesh Patel added that the Prime Minister has undertaken numerous development projects to make Uttar (North) Gujarat an Uttam (better) Gujarat. The government is actively working on increasing the groundwater level by constructing barrages in rivers, including the Sujlam Suflam scheme.

    Health Minister Rushikesh Patel emphasized that under the guidance of the Chief Minister, the entire team of Gujarat is diligently working to ensure that water reaches farmers’ fields. With the state advancing towards unprecedented levels of development, a multitude of schemes have been put into action to enhance the well-being of farmers and rural areas.

    The minister further said that the achievement of Chandrayaan-3 has instilled a sense of pride in the nation. The country is rapidly progressing under the adept leadership of the Prime Minister. Gujarat, too, is steadfastly advancing along the path shown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    Stating that the government is devoted to transforming North Gujarat into Uttam (better) Gujarat, the Minister of Water Resources and Water Supply, Shri Kunvarji Bavaliya, emphasized that the motto of ” Har Khet Ko Pani, Har Haath Ko Kaam ” (water for every farm, work for every person) should be realized. This action will ensure that water reaches the fields of farmers in remote areas and inspire everyone to contribute.

    The Water Supply Minister further added that through various water management schemes led by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel, the government is actively engaged in rejuvenating arid land through water storage and underground recharge.

    The minister added that the canal-based Brahmanwada lift irrigation scheme, constructed at a cost of Rs. 67.69 crores, will offer facilities, including irrigation, to the farmers of Unjha and Visnagar taluka of Mehsana district as well as Patan taluka.
    The minister also provided information about the government’s proactive stance in establishing Khet Talavadi in North Gujarat. The Water Supply Minister mentioned that Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel has given instructions to remove the three-kilometre filling limit for village ponds from the Narmada canal, in the larger interest of farmers.

    MLA of Unjha, Shri Kirit Patel said that the government has accomplished a remarkable feat by bringing Narmada water to North Gujarat through the Matpura scheme. This endeavour will yield benefits to the villages of Patan, Unjha, and Visnagar taluka.

    Shri K.B. Rabadia, Chairman and Special Secretary of Water Resources, provided information about this scheme, stating that the Gujarat government had decided to divert 1 million acre-feet of excess runoff from Narmada river floods into major reservoirs, rivers, and canals. This initiative aims to facilitate irrigation, water storage, and groundwater recharge in North Gujarat. The Gujarat Water Resources Development Corporation is executing the major tasks related to water storage and underground water recharge in water-deprived regions of North Gujarat. This is being carried out through six different irrigation pipeline projects under the Narmada main canal-based Sujalam Sufalam Yojna.

    Under this scheme, in the second phase, the existing pipeline will be extended beyond Matpur by constructing a pumping station near Matpur Lake up to Brahmanwada village of Unjha taluka. This extension will involve a total length of 14.70 km of 1216 mm diameter MS pipeline and a flow of 50 cusecs of water in the extended branch canals no.4 and 5. Supplementary irrigation work has been successfully completed over an area of 3,705 acres of land in the Dharoi command area, encompassing Nakhi Unjha, Patan, and Visnagar talukas.

    Built at a cost of Rs 67.69 crore, this scheme is evolving into a vital irrigation initiative for the farmers of North Gujarat. Within this scheme, a total of 11.70 km of a distribution pipeline network will be established, utilizing the ponds of nine villages for supplementary irrigation and groundwater recharge. The pumping station at Matpur will propel 50 cusecs of water through a 14.70 km pipeline with a diameter of 1,216 mm, elevating it to a height of 57 meters through an MS pipeline.

    MP Smt. Shardaben Patel, MP Shri Bharatsinh Dabhi, Former Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitin Patel, District Panchayat President Shri Prahlad Parmar, and MLA’s Shri Kirit Patel, Shri Mukesh Patel, Shri Sukhaji Thakor, Shri Karshan Solanki, and Shri Sardar Chaudhary, along with Former Home Minister Shri Rajni Patel, Senior Shri Girish Rajgor, District Gujarat Water Resources Development Corporation Chairman Shri KB Rabadia, District Collector Shri M Nagarajan, District Development Officer Dr. Om Prakash, District Superintendent of Police Shri Achal Tyagi, Resident Additional Collector Shri Indrajitsinh Vala, Municipal President Smt. Rinku Patel, and Executive Chairman Shri Hari Patel, representing Unjha City, Taluka, Mehsana, as well as people from Patan, were present.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat