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Gujarat CM Shri Vijay Rupani directly interacts with people through ‘Twitter Townhall’

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani interacted with the awakened people of Gujarat by giving vivid response to questions asked on Twitter through a programmed named “Twitter Townhall”. The programme was organized at the first time across the nation to make direct interaction with citizens. By welcoming the best usage of technology to make direct interaction with people through social media and television, CM Shri Rupani said that it is needful to maintain direct interaction with people by a government in democracy system. Social media can be a strong platform for social welfare, he added. It is worth to mention that the state government has begun the new practice to make direct interaction with people, and the awakened citizens of the state have welcomed the practice as well.

More than 20,000 questions were asked by the people to the Chief Minister through “Twitter Townhall”- the first ever programme across India was being organized by the state government. Out of them CM Shri Rupani made live interaction with people through television and has answered some questions. On this occasion while interacting with local people, he said that the state government is not only desiring about to extend pro-people works at the best level, but the people are also included in the functionality of the government.

On the occasion, while talking about the fixed pay employees, CM Shri Rupani said that the fixed pay employees will have to get their order to join in government as permanent employee on the next day after completion of their five year period. We will look after not to make any delay in implementation of such order, he added.

In regard to speaking on the four bases of the good governance such as transparency, sensibility, decisiveness and progressive government; Shri Rupani said that this government has taken an initiative to make Gujarat free from corruption. Social harmony is a priority of the state government, CM revealing the action mantra of “Inclusive Growth with Collective Efforts“ and said that, communication is the only key of positive solution to any problem. In response to the questions asked on traffic problems CM Shri Rupani said that, State Government has specially organized to tackle the problem through Enforcement, Engineering and Effectiveness and will cover 45 town of Gujarat State through CCTV Cameras.

Through Sauni Yojna in Saurashtra, Sujalam-Sufalam Yojana in North Gujarat and now with the scheme declared in the presence of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for water schemes in the south Gujarat will build new positivity in people, he added.

By welcoming the new initiative launched to interact with people, CM Shri Rupani said that through the medium of Twitter every Individual will be given appropriate answer to the questions.

Source: Information Department, Gujarat