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CM announces increase in DA for state government employees & pensioners

    • 9.38 lakh employees-pensioners getting the benefit of the Seventh Pay Commission will be covered
    • Difference amount of dearness allowance due from 01-07-2022 and installments due from 01-01-2023 will be paid in three installments
    • The first installment will be given in June 2023, the second in August-2023 and the third in October-2023 with the monthly salary

    Gandhinagar, Tuesday: Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel has increased the dearness allowance of Gujarat government employees and pensioners by 4% with effect from 01-07-2022 and another 4% increase with effect from 01-01-2023.

    This additional benefit will be available only to the employees who have been given the benefit of Seventh Pay Commission. Around 9.38 lakh employees including those panchayat service, other state government employees and pensioners will get this additional benefit.

    The CM has decided to pay the arrears due to this eight percent increase in dearness allowance with effect from 01-07-2022 and 01-01-2023 in three installments. Accordingly, the first installment of the difference amount will be paid with the salary of June 2023, the second with the salary of August 2023 and the third with the salary of October 2023.

    As a result of this increase in dearness allowance, the financial burden on the state government will increase by ₹ 4516 crore annually.

    Source: Information Department, Gujarat